US Demand Halt to Russia’s Real War on Terrorism

US Demands Halt to Russia’s Real War on Terrorism by Stephen Lendman It doesn’t surprise. Longstanding US hypocrisy and double standards are notorious. Do as we say, not as we do is official policy.  Rogue states operate this way. Washington rules override all others, notably international, constitutional and US statute laws. Democracy is pure fantasy.... Continue Reading →

Republicans Tried Delaying Release of Iranian Held US Spies Until After Presidential Election

Republicans Tried Delaying Release of Iranian Held US Spies Until After Presidential Election by Stephen Lendman Shades of the 1979-1980 Iran hostage crisis. Clear evidence was later revealed when it was too late to matter. It showed Reagan/GHW Bush officials arranged a secret deal with Tehran, the so-called October Surprise, delaying the release of 52... Continue Reading →

International Syrian Support Group Meets in Munich

International Syrian Support Group Meets in Munich by Stephen Lendman Representatives (mostly at the foreign ministerial level) from 17 member countries, the UN, EU and Arab League are meeting in Munich as this is written.  They’re discussing efforts to resolve Syria’s conflict - Obama’s war, not a civil one as widely misreported, Western propaganda, blaming... Continue Reading →

Well-Documented Close Turkish/ISIS Ties

Well-Documented Close Turkish/ISIS Ties by Stephen Lendman Western media scoundrels suppress information on America’s responsibility for creating ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups, using them to further its imperial agenda, involving endless wars of aggression. Turkey is criminally complicit, Erdogan allied with Washington’s imperial project, giving safe haven status to ISIS and other terrorists on its... Continue Reading →

Is US-Dominated NATO Planning War on Russia?

Is US-Dominated NATO Planning War on Russia? by Stephen Lendman Given America’s bipartisan criminal class, the unthinkable is possible - the madness of launching catastrophic nuclear war, a strategy only lunatics would support. When NATO defense ministers meet, America’s imperial agenda dominates discussions, other alliance members pressured to go along, even when harming their national... Continue Reading →

How America Manufactures Phony Evidence to Bash Russia

How America Manufactures Phony Evidence to Bash Russia by Stephen Lendman US viciousness is unrestrained, a pure evil force threatening world peace. Its imperial agenda gives rogue state terror new meaning, consistently blaming victims for its high crimes, bashing Russia irresponsibly. Its unrelenting aerial war on terror continues effectively. Washington invents dirty tricks to subvert... Continue Reading →

Deplorable NYT Anti-Syrian Propaganda

Deplorable NYT Anti-Syrian Propaganda by Stephen Lendman The so-called newspaper of record makes garden variety yellow journal look good by comparison. State-sponsored managed news misinformation and Big Lies substitute for what readers need to know and deserve to get. Borrowing a line from the late Chicago columnist Mike Royko’s criticism of Rupert Murdoch publications, no... Continue Reading →

Endless US War and Occupation of Afghanistan

Endless US War and Occupation of Afghanistan by Stephen Lendman Four weeks post 9/11, Washington launched naked aggression on Afghanistan, a country posing it no threat.  Planners had endless war and permanent occupation in mind - an imperial scheme planned months in advance, the 9/11 mother of all US false flags the phony pretext. On... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Calls Arabs Predatory Animals

Netanyahu Calls Arabs Predatory Animals by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu heads a viciously racist state, demeaning Arabs throughout its existence. Democracy is pure fantasy, hypocrisy from inception, tyranny worse than ever now. The current regime intends creating a greater fortress Israel than already, building more walls, encircling the country to protect it from “Arab predators,” to... Continue Reading →

Landslide New Hampshire Primary Results

Landslide New Hampshire Primary Results by Stephen Lendman Iowa caucuses portend little, rarely if ever determining what’s to follow. New Hampshire was the first primary. It represents state or perhaps New England sentiment, not indicative of upcoming primary results. Yet it’s significant enough to show Trump and Sanders’ candidacies are real, not flashes in the... Continue Reading →

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