Meaningless EU Criticism of Israel

Meaningless EU Criticism of Israel by Stephen Lendman Decades of critical Security Council and General Assembly resolutions did nothing to deter Israeli ruthlessness. War without mercy rages on defenseless Palestinians, an entire population at risk. Peace is pure fantasy, democracy nonexistent. Settlement expansion continues unabated on stolen Palestinian land. Longstanding ethnic cleansing facilitates it.  A... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible Israeli Iran Bashing

Irresponsible Israeli Iran Bashing by Stephen Lendman Israel and America represent humanity’s greatest threat. The whole world knows Iran threatens no one. It hasn’t attacked another country in centuries.  It fosters regional peace and stability. It urges mutual cooperation among all nations. It wants a world free from the scourge of nuclear weapons. It opposes... Continue Reading →

Syrian Peace Talks Jeopardized

Syrian Peace Talks Jeopardized by Stephen Lendman Disputes over who’ll represent Assad’s opposition may delay or derail talks before their scheduled January 25 beginning. Under the best of circumstances, they have virtually no chance of succeeding. Washington wants war, not peace.  It wants Western-controlled puppet governance replacing Syrian sovereign independence. Assad intends serving as long... Continue Reading →

Britain and Saudi Arabia: Partners in High Crimes

Britain and Saudi Arabia: Partners in High Crimes by Stephen Lendman British Prime Minister David Cameron defended the indefensible on state-owned, operated and controlled BBC - discussing his regime’s policy of selling Saudi Arabia terror weapons. They’re used for regional naked aggression, along with brutal internal repression. More on Britain’s deplorable policy below. An earlier... Continue Reading →

MPs Debate Banning Trump from Britain

MPs Debate Banning Trump from Britain by Stephen Lendman Following Trump’s call for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” a UK petition began circulating to prevent him from entering Britain. It gathered over 570,000 signatures, passing the required threshold... Continue Reading →

Unprecedented Global Wealth Disparity

Unprecedented Global Wealth Disparity by Stephen Lendman Ahead of wealthy and powerful financial and political elites meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Oxfam released a report, titled “An Economy for the 1%,” highlighting global inequality “reaching new extremes.” “The richest 1% now have more wealth than the rest of the world combined.... Continue Reading →

Implacable US Hostility Toward Russia

Implacable US Hostility Toward Russia by Stephen Lendman Hostile US policy toward Russia is longstanding. Washington tolerates no sovereign independent governments, wants Western-controlled vassal states replacing them - especially Russia and China. State Department Coordinator for Sanctions Policy Daniel Fried lied, saying “cooperat(ion) with Russia” is possible. “(B)ad relations (aren’t) permanent.” They’ve been implacably hostile... Continue Reading →

World No Safer Following Iran Nuclear Deal

World No Safer Following Iran Nuclear Deal by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US imperial policy fosters endless wars, violence and chaos, an agenda threatening world peace and stability, risking WW III. Iran’s nuclear deal changed nothing. As long as America targets all independent countries for regime change, its endless wars of aggression will continue. Direct and... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Nuclear Submarines

Israel’s Nuclear Submarines by Stephen Lendman Israel is thermonuclear armed and dangerous. Its arsenal likely includes 200 or more warheads, its delivery systems able to strike far distant targets. It operates five Dolphin-class, nuclear-capable submarines, its newest just added to its fleet - “a formidable war machine, the most advanced, complex and most expensive” military... Continue Reading →

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