US Rejects Russia’s Syrian Peace Proposal

US Rejects Russia’s Syrian Peace Proposal by Stephen Lendman Throughout four-and-a-half years of conflict, Russia has gone all-out to resolve it diplomatically - in stark contrast to Washington, wanting endless war continued, no matter the devastating human toll. Obama bears full responsibility for horrific carnage and mass displacement, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists, imported... Continue Reading →

A Stunning Anti-War Polemic

A Stunning Anti-War Polemic by Stephen Lendman Years ago, I read author, screenwriter Dalton Trumbo’s 1939 classic novel “Johnny Got His Gun” - one of the most stunning ever fictional indictments of war, impossible to read his chilling account of its barbarity in human terms without being deeply affected. Joe Bonham is the protagonist, a... Continue Reading →

Report Says Palestinians Being Executed in Cold Blood

Report Says Palestinians Being Executed in Cold Blood by Stephen Lendman The Jerusalem Center for Israeli-Palestinian Studies exposed the Big Lie about knife-wielding Palestinian terrorists - saying 78% of security force victims were executed in cold blood. They threatened no one. Israeli soldiers and police commit murder with impunity. So do extremist settlers. Victims include... Continue Reading →

Israel Wants Young Palestinian Children Imprisoned

Israel Wants Young Palestinian Children Imprisoned by Stephen Lendman Israel doesn’t just violate inviolable international laws. It smashes, tramples on and ignores them, writing its own rules, setting its own standards, doing whatever it pleases, consistently justifying the unjustifiable - longstanding rogue state practice. It treats children like adults, already abducting, detaining and imprisoning them... Continue Reading →

EU Approves Labeling for Israeli Settlement Products

EU Approves Labeling for Israeli Settlement Products by Stephen Lendman Since June 1967, Israel established 125 illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land, home for about 600,000 settlers, many Zionist zealots, freely terrorizing Palestinians, committing violence and vandalism unaccountably. They’re considered closed military zones, off-limits to Palestinians, Jews alone allowed to live in what Israel calls... Continue Reading →

Unreported Horrors of Israel’s War on Palestine

Unreported Horrors of Israel’s War on Palestine by Stephen Lendman Israel is waging premeditated, unprovoked war on Palestine. The shocking toll on defenseless people mounts daily, ignored by deplorable Western and Israeli media - portraying naked aggression as self-defense against “knife-wielding terrorists,” mindless of a new generation of Palestinian youths demanding freedom they deserve. As... Continue Reading →

The American Way: Endless Wars

The American Way: Endless Wars by Stephen Lendman America is addicted to endless direct and proxy wars of aggression. Peace is anathema, social justice discarded to devote national resources to warmaking and militarizing the homeland. Washington’s criminal class is bipartisan. Duopoly power rules, one party with two wings, serving monied interests exclusively, not a single... Continue Reading →

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