Russia’s Real War on Terrorism v. US Pretense

Russia’s Real War on Terrorism v. US Pretense by Stephen Lendman America is the problem, Russia the solution in the war on terrorism, Putin going all-out to defeat the scourge Obama supports - complicit with rogue NATO partners, Israel and Middle East despots. No squaring the circle between US and Russian policy is possible because... Continue Reading →

NYT Fairy Tale about Paris Attacks

NYT Fairy Tale about Paris Attacks by Stephen Lendman The NYT is America’s longstanding leading voice for wealth, power and privilege exclusively - state-supportive propaganda its specialty, the most important news “fit to print” systematically suppressed. Evidence indicates attacking Paris on November 13 was a false flag, a strategically planned military operation for events now... Continue Reading →

NATO Discussing Ways to Provoke Russia Further

NATO Discussing Ways to Provoke Russia Further by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday and Wednesday, NATO foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels on the pretext of “work(ing) on further measures to assure Turkey’s security,” and related issues, based on a nonexistent Russian threat. It sounds like a bad joke, except issues at stake are deadly serious,... Continue Reading →

Rogue State Greece

Rogue State Greece by Stephen Lendman Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras along with rogue SYRIZA party allies spurned their proclaimed progressive principles straightaway in office, betraying long-suffering Greeks, hoping at last for governance serving their interests responsibly. Tsipras is like all the rest, on the wrong side of major issues mattering most, including US-led NATO’s killing... Continue Reading →

Putin in Paris

Putin in Paris by Stephen Lendman On Monday, Putin and Obama met privately on the sidelines of the Paris climate conference for about 30 minutes. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the US president “expressed regret in connection with the incident involving the Russian jet downed by the Turkish Air Force in Syria(n)” airspace. It wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Albert Einstein’s Anti-War Agenda

Albert Einstein’s Anti-War Agenda by Stephen Lendman Today the most perilous time in world history - before the November 13 Paris false flag and Turkey’s aggression against Russia, with full US-dominated NATO support. In the wake of Paris and Washington’s complicity with Erdogan’s bandit act, an article days earlier said the Doomsday Clock inched closer... Continue Reading →

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