Russia’s Real War on Terrorism

Russia’s Real War on Terrorism by Stephen Lendman America is the world’s greatest terrorist threat. Its imperial madness risks global war. Its special forces infest nearly 150 countries. CIA agents operate everywhere destructively. Using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as US foot soldiers fosters endless violence and turmoil wherever they’re deployed. What a difference a... Continue Reading →

Obama in Asia

Obama in Asia by Stephen Lendman Attending the ASEAN summit in Kuala Lumpur, Obama ranted during a Sunday press conference, like he does at home - his usual demagogic mumbo-jumbo replete with misinformation and Big Lies. He makes painful listening. Nothing he says is credible. America “will not relent” in the fight against the Islamic... Continue Reading →

Europe’s Largest Department Store Removes Israeli Settlement Products from Shelves

Europe’s Largest Department Store Removes Israeli Settlement Products from Shelves by Stephen Lendman The announcement sounds better than the reality. Still, any action nicking Israeli near-impregnability is welcome. Following EU-mandated labeling guidelines for settlement products, Berlin-based Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) removed all Israeli settlement produced items from its shelves. Growing numbers of European companies refuse... Continue Reading →

Fear-Mongering at Fever Pitch

Fear-Mongering at Fever Pitch by Stephen Lendman The day before the November 13 Paris attacks, Obama told ABC News: ISIS is “contained. I don’t think they’re gaining strength.” Following the attacks, he warned of “live activity and dangers that are taking place as we speak.” Irresponsible US scoundrel media reports hype the threat of ISIS... Continue Reading →

Putin’s Syria Strategy

Putin’s Syria Strategy by Stephen Lendman Washington has its own strategy. Unable to challenge or compromise Putin’s real war on terror, it’s drawing him into a so-called anti-ISIS coalition, pretending it wants the scourge it created eliminated. Paul Craig Roberts fears he may “turn Assad’s fate over to the West” in return for a free... Continue Reading →

Daily Israeli State Terror Rages

Daily Israeli State Terror Rages by Stephen Lendman Conspiratorial scoundrel media ignore Israeli high crimes against defenseless Palestinians, failing to condemn them and demand accountability.  Long-suffering people are disgracefully referred to as knife-wielding terrorists, vilifying their humanity and struggle for justice, brutalized under occupation harshness, denied their international law guaranteed rights for not being Jewish.... Continue Reading →

Hyped Fear Grips Europe and America

Hyped Fear Grips Europe and America by Stephen Lendman Most people don’t think. They react irrationally, out of touch with reality, easy marks for state-sponsored propaganda.  It’s raging in America and across Europe following the Paris attacks, a likely false flag - hype without substance, scaring people to believe terrorists will attack Western communities. Chances... Continue Reading →

Sanders’ Hypocrisy/Carson’s Geopolitical Ignorance

Sanders’ Hypocrisy/Carson’s Geopolitical Ignorance by Stephen Lendman Sanders doesn’t believe one NATO killing machine is enough. He wants a second one - “work(ing) with our NATO partners…includ(ing) Russia and (rogue) Arab League” states, according to remarks he made at Georgetown University. He wants it collaborating to defeat the made in America scourge of terrorism -... Continue Reading →

Conflict Resolution in Syria Impossible Without Assad

Conflict Resolution in Syria Impossible Without Assad by Stephen Lendman Washington, Britain, France, Israel and rogue regional allies are part of the Syrian conflict resolution problem - Russia and Assad key solution partners. Sergey Lavrov stresses Assad’s importance, saying “(a)ll the forecasts made by (rogue Western states) and some other parties that the people would... Continue Reading →

Fascists Running America Endorse Nazism

Fascists Running America Endorse Nazism by Stephen Lendman America didn’t eliminate the scourge of fascism in WW II. It shifted its headquarters from Berlin and Tokyo to Washington.  Today, it’s partnered with likeminded allies, waging global war on humanity, destroying fundamental freedoms, risking the unthinkable, potential life-ending nuclear war. On November 19, the General Assembly’s... Continue Reading →

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