Assad’s Struggle Against US Imperialism

Assad’s Struggle Against US Imperialism by Stephen Lendman The late Syria expert Patrick Seale once said Assad’s popularity stems from his “standing up to Israel and its American backer, and for” providing security and stability in a troubled region. Obama’s war changed things. Early in the conflict, Seale said “Assad may be on the ropes,... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible NYT Putin Bashing

Irresponsible NYT Putin Bashing by Stephen Lendman The Times is an establishment publication - a longstanding mouthpiece for wealth, power and privilege, militantly anti-Russian. All the news it calls fit to print isn’t fit to read! Its latest anti-Putin editorial salvo headlined “Mr. Putin’s Motives in Syria,” falsely accusing him of “sending ‘volunteer’ ground forces... Continue Reading →

Israel: A Rogue Regime Fostering Violence, Racist Hate and Brutality

Israel: A Rogue Regime Fostering Violence, Racist Hate and Brutality by Stephen Lendman Israeli viciousness has Palestine on the brink of exploding. State-instigated violence continues daily. An entire population is being ruthlessly terrorized. Israeli security forces murdered four Palestinians in the past week, injured hundreds more, 129 in the last 24 hours alone, assaulted journalists,... Continue Reading →

Anti-Russian Propaganda War Rages

Anti-Russian Propaganda War Rages by Stephen Lendman John Pilger calls journalism the first casualty of war - “a weapon of war, a virulent censorship,” by omission and commission. Free and open societies are jeopardized. Presstitution substitutes for real journalism. News and information are carefully filtered, dissent suppressed in mainstream reporting. Major media contributors are agents... Continue Reading →

NYT Falsely Claims Russia Sending Troops to Syria

NYT Falsely Claims Russia Sending Troops to Syria by Stephen Lendman The New York Times is militantly anti-Russian, an over-the-top lying machine, featuring all propaganda all the time on major geopolitical issues, systematically suppressing hard truths. Its latest misinformation piece falsely headlined “Russian Soldiers Join Syria Fight,” claiming Moscow “said Monday that its ‘volunteer’ ground... Continue Reading →

Israeli Fascist Brutality

Israeli Fascist Brutality by Stephen Lendman Let’s not mince words. Israel is a fascist police state, masquerading as a democracy. How when state terror is official policy, when soldiers, police and Zionist zealots brutalize and murder Palestinians unaccountably, when institutionalized apartheid exceeds the worst of South Africa’s regime. Palestine is a free-fire zone, unsafe to... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Lies: Covering Its Latest War Crime

Pentagon Lies: Covering Up Its Latest War Crime by Stephen Lendman US warplanes deliberately and maliciously terror bombed Kunduz, Afghanistan’s hospital, the only one in the area - striking it multiple times for over an hour, despite knowing it was not involved in ongoing fighting in the city. The death toll stands at 22, dozens... Continue Reading →

The Latest NYT Propaganda Piece on Syria

The Latest NYT Propaganda Piece on Syria by Stephen Lendman The Times is a virtual US administration/Pentagon house organ. Its articles read like imperial press releases, real journalism entirely absent, making sensationalist tabloid operations look good by comparison. It’s latest propaganda piece headlined “US Aims to Put More Pressure on ISIS in Syria” - polar... Continue Reading →

US and Rogue Allies Plot Plan B in Syria

US and Rogue Allies Plot Plan B in Syria by Stephen Lendman Putin’s righteous intervention in Syria disrupts Washington’s regional imperial agenda - neocons infesting Obama’s administration on the back foot, flummoxed on what to do next. Their reaction awaits. Expect endless propaganda war, as well as increased support for ISIS and other takfiri terrorists,... Continue Reading →

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