Washington Intends Breaching Iran Nuclear Deal

Washington Intends Breaching Iran Nuclear Deal by Stephen Lendman The dawn of a new era in US/Iranian relations didn’t arrive on July 14 in Vienna - with consummation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOC). Far from it. Washington’s deal-making history is deplorable - a record of betrayal, consistently breaching agreements since the beginning... Continue Reading →

Phony Reports of Russian Casualties in Ukraine Resurface

Phony Reports of Russian Casualties in Ukraine Resurface by Stephen Lendman Throughout 17 months of Kiev aggression on Donbass, reports of alleged “Russian aggression” have been a complete fabrication - including fake numbers of nonexistent military casualties. No matter. Phony anti-Russian accusations persist - the latest from Forbes magazine (its motto: “The Capitalist Tool”). Its... Continue Reading →

Fabricated Pentagon Reports on ISIS

Fabricated Pentagon Reports on ISIS by Stephen Lendman Official US claims about wanting to degrade and defeat ISIS are a complete fabrication. Washington actively recruits their fighters along with other takfiri elements - as foot soldiers for endless wars of aggression against nations targeted for regime change. Ongoing US terror bombing in Syria and Iraq... Continue Reading →

Rabbis Against Peace and Stability

Rabbis Against Peace and Stability by Stephen Lendman Hundreds of US rabbis (nearly 1,000 as of August 27) signed an open letter - urging Congress to reject the Iran nuclear deal, reducing chances for greater Middle East war if approved, saying: “We, the undersigned rabbis, write as a unified voice across religious denominations to express... Continue Reading →

Differing Views on China

Differing Views on China by Stephen Lendman Ignore demagogues like Donald Trump claiming “China is taking our jobs…taking our money…They’ll take us down." Gerald Celente issued a “trend alert” headlined “Market Mayhem: Don’t blame China - It’s the (global) economy, stupid.” China is far from blame-free. Celente calls its economy “the canary in the collapsing... Continue Reading →

Monied Interests Run America

Monied Interests Run America by Stephen Lendman Powerful Wall Street headquartered monied interests run America - in league with corrupt federal, state and local officials, waging financial war for profit.  Reckless Fed-led central bank policy bears full responsibility for today’s market turbulence. Ordinary people are hurt most - fleeced of income, savings, benefits and futures. ... Continue Reading →

Israel’s War on Gazan Children

Israel’s War on Gazan Children by Stephen Lendman A new Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P) report is damning, providing more evidence of shocking Israeli war crimes - titled “Operative Protective Edge: A War Waged on Gaza’s Children.” Saying Israeli aggression killed over 2,250 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 547 children. Another 3,374 were injured - “including... Continue Reading →

Congresswoman for Palestinian Rights

Congresswoman for Palestinian Rights by Stephen Lendman Rep. Betty McCollum (D MN) is an exception proving the rule - supporting the rights of Palestinian children in a Congress largely ignoring them. In June, she wrote John Kerry, saying “Israel’s military detention of Palestinian children is an indefensible abuse of human rights. I hope this letter... Continue Reading →

US/Israeli Attempted Color Revolution in Lebanon?

US/Israeli Attempted Color Revolution in Lebanon? by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US/Israeli plans call for redrawing the Middle East map, replacing independent governments with pro-Western puppet regimes, balkanizing Iraq, Syria, Iran and other regional countries for easier control, looting their resources, and exploiting their people. Analyst Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya says plans call for "creating an arc... Continue Reading →

Misguided Calls for More QE

Misguided Calls for More QE by Stephen Lendman Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and other US financial community members urge more money printing madness - duplicitously suggesting current market turmoil conditions warrant it.  Reckless monetary policy instituted by the Fed and other major central banks bears full responsibility for what’s unfolding - how severe... Continue Reading →

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