Iran’s Longstanding US-Inflicted Nightmare

Iran's Longstanding US-Inflicted Nightmare by Stephen Lendman It began in August 1953 - replacing democratically elected Mohammad Mossadeq (Iran's most popular politician at the time) with a  generation of brutal US-installed Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi dictatorship.  A 2013 declassified CIA document (marking the coup's 60th anniversary) publicly acknowledged the agency's involvement (Operation TPAJAX) - what's... Continue Reading →

Israel Denies Medications for Palestinian Prisoners

Israel Denies Medications for Palestinian Prisoners by Stephen Lendman Thousands of Palestinians are imprisoned for political reasons. They're lawlessly incarcerated for wanting fundamental rights mandated under international law. Abuse in Israel's gulag is appalling. Barbarism best describes it. Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment is standard practice - including torture and other forms of physical and... Continue Reading →

Phony Claims About Syria Retaining Chemical Weapons

Phony Claims About Syria Retaining Chemical Weapons by Stephen Lendman Since Obama began waging proxy on war in Syria in March 2011, numerous false charges about Assad using chemical weapons followed - discredited by verifiable facts on the ground. Clear evidence of imported takfiri terrorists using banned toxic agents was systematically covered up - even... Continue Reading →

Whitewashing Sandra Bland’s Murder

Whitewashing Sandra Bland's Murder by Stephen Lendman Every 28 hours on average, a Black man, woman or child is murdered by killer cops in America. Sandra Black is one of their victims - a high-profile one, unlike countless nameless, faceless, unreported victims of US police brutality, at times resulting in unaccountable murders routinely whitewashed when... Continue Reading →

Unidentified US Navy Nurse Honored for Refusing Involvement in Force-Feeding

Unidentified US Navy Nurse Honored for Refusing Involvement in Force-Feeding by Stephen Lendman Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) deputy communications director Vesna Jaksic Lowe announced possible Pentagon efforts to revoke the security clearance for an unnamed navy nurse - in retaliation for his refusal to participate in unethical/immoral/illegal force-feeding amounting to brutal torture. PHR's medical... Continue Reading →

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: An Israeli Specialty

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: An Israeli Specialty by Stephen Lendman Dirar Abu Sisi isn't an exception. He's one of many thousands of Palestinians wrongfully held as political prisoners in one of the world's harshest gulags - hundreds of thousands since June 1967. He committed no crimes. No evidence proves criminality. Yet he was sentenced to... Continue Reading →

Anti-Climax in Greece: Epitaph for a Failed State

Anti-Climax in Greece: Epitaph for a Failed State by Stephen Lendman The latest Greek tragedy chapter came around 4:00AM Athens time Thursday. Prime Minister Tsipras-led SYRIZA coalition governance unconditionally capitulated to Troika demands for the second time in a week - with no chance to benefit Greece's economy or provide desperately needed relief for its... Continue Reading →

Imprisonment for Stone-Throwing: Only in Israel

Imprisonment for Stone-Throwing: Only in Israel by Stephen Lendman Israel outrageously equates stone-throwing with terrorism. It calls premeditated naked aggression against 1.8 million near-defenseless Gazans self-defense. Rogue states operate this way. Last November, Israeli cabinet ministers approved up to 20 years imprisonment for Palestinians accused of stone-throwing - if authorities claim it was with intent... Continue Reading →

Unaccountable Killer Cops in America

Unaccountable Killer Cops in America by Stephen Lendman US streets in minority communities are battlegrounds. The good news is more police killings make headlines though nowhere near as many as warranted. Justifiable public anger is noticeably more visible. The bad news is cops in America kill innocent (mostly Black) victims hundreds of times annually with... Continue Reading →

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