Israel Orders Susiya Village Destroyed

Israel Orders Susiya Village Destroyed by Stephen Lendman Ethnic cleansing is longstanding Israeli policy - removing Palestinians from their privately owned land earmarked for exclusive Jewish development. On May 5, 2015, Israel's High Court ruled in favor of demolition - a bandit act. An entire village will be ruthlessly destroyed. Around 340 Palestinian residents will... Continue Reading →

ECB May Deny Greek Banks More Emergency Funding

ECB May Deny Greek Banks More Emergency Funding by Stephen Lendman Despite overwhelming Greek parliamentary capitulation to all Troika demands, Bloomberg reports the ECB's Governing Council will likely keep its Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) to Greek banks near bankruptcy capped at 88.6 billion euros ($96.8 billion). An unnamed informed source said the ECB's Executive Board... Continue Reading →

Banker Occupied Greece: Requiem for a Failed State

Banker Occupied Greece: Requiem for a Failed State by Stephen Lendman It's all over but the obituary. Rubber-stamp Greek parliamentarians overwhelming approved transforming the nation into a banker run colony -  by a 229 - 64 vote. Six lawmakers abstained. Coalition partner Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos and likeminded party members voted "yes" after rhetorically... Continue Reading →

Israel Intends Blitzkrieg Against Iran Nuclear Deal

Israel Intends Blitzkrieg Against Iran Nuclear Deal by Stephen Lendman It's got most House and Senate members convinced. It's working on others directly and through its Lobby - applying their usual heavy-handed pressure. It's got media scoundrel editors concerned. New York Times ones support the deal with reservations, saying: "(N)o one should have any illusions... Continue Reading →

Tsipras Banishing Ministers Opposing His Sellout

Tsipras Banishing Ministers Opposing his Sellout by Stephen Lendman He's governing like a despot. Long knives target opposition ministers. Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis resigned after being pushed out - replaced by Euclid Tsakalotos, in bed with Troika bandits like Tsipras. After leaving, he said he's no longer under "incredible pressure to negotiate for a position... Continue Reading →

Iran Nuclear Deal: The Real Battle Begins

Iran Nuclear Deal: The Real Battle Begins by Stephen Lendman It's not a done deal yet. It has miles to go with stiff congressional and Israeli opposition.  A previous article discussed Netanyahu and AIPAC vowing in less than so many words to undermine what was achieved. Expect them going all-out by pressuring for congressional rejection... Continue Reading →

IMF – Greek Debt Untenable

IMF: Greek Debt Untenable by Stephen Lendman Overwhelming Greek debt is a time bomb sure to explode. It's unsustainable. It's just a question of when the Hellenic Republic implodes - crushed under the weight of a deepening financial burden no nation can bear indefinitely - especially ones with no control over their monetary and fiscal... Continue Reading →

Khader Adnan Rearrested, Then Released

Khader Adnan Rearrested, Then Released by Stephen Lendman Israel's longstanding treatment of Khader Adnan is one of many examples of its viciousness.  His extraordinary courage in the face of Israeli brutality made him a national hero. One day after release following 55 painful hunger striking days for justice, Israeli forces rearrested him - another shocking... Continue Reading →

Iran Nuclear Talks: Agreement in Vienna

Iran Nuclear Talks: Agreement in Vienna by Stephen Lendman Years of talks brought fruition. It's all over except for Iran's continued struggle to be accepted unconditionally as a member in good standing in the world community of nations. A first step requires full implementation of agreed on terms - no reinterpreting them post facto, a... Continue Reading →

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