Iran Nuclear Talks: Mixed Reports

Iran Nuclear Talks: Mixed Reports by Stephen Lendman Indications are sticking points remain, including Washington upping the bar multiple times to include new issues - violating the letter and spirit of Lausanne preliminary agreement terms, the way US negotiators and top officials do business. At the same time, Iranian officials remain optimistic. Iran's nuclear chief... Continue Reading →

Psychologists Aiding CIA Torture

Psychologists Aiding CIA Torture by Stephen Lendman Doctors were accused earlier of involvement in torture by:  monitoring and participating directly in torture procedures; instructing interrogators to continue, adjust, or stop certain ones; informing detainees that medical treatment depended on their cooperation; performing medical checks before and after each transfer; and treating the effects of torture... Continue Reading →

Entrapping Greece in Debt

Entrapping Greece in Debt by Stephen Lendman My book "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity" discusses entrapping Greece in unrepayable debt.  It's a good time to review some of its content after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' public betrayal followed by overwhelming rubber-stamp parliamentary approval (250 - 32). Tsipras isn't Greece's only traitor. He has... Continue Reading →

US Bullying Iran to Capitulate in Nuclear Talks

US Bullying Iran to Capitulate in Nuclear Talks by Stephen Lendman Iran nuclear talks continue without resolution - whether possible looks tenuous at best. US bullying bears full responsibility.  America doesn't negotiate. It demands - at the same time blaming others for its do what we say or else position. "(W)e are not going to... Continue Reading →

Destroying a Nation Without Firing a Shot

Destroying a Nation Without Firing a Shot by Stephen Lendman Predatory monied interests make serial killers look good by comparison. Their business model creates crises to facilitate grand theft, financial terrorism and debt entrapment. They hold nations captive to their demands. They turn crises into humanitarian disasters. They create mass impoverishment, high unemployment, neo-serfdom and... Continue Reading →

Sellout in Athens

Sellout in Athens by Stephen Lendman Popular Greek sentiment on Troika imposed austerity is clear and unequivocal. Last Sunday's referendum left no doubt. Voters overwhelmingly said "OXI" - "NO." Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ignored them - despite pledging no more austerity, calling the referendum, publicly urging Greeks to vote "no," and by implication indicating he'd... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton Supports Illegal Israeli Settlements

Hillary Clinton Supports Illegal Israeli Settlements by Stephen Lendman Clinton's support for Israel is unwavering - one-sided like virtually everyone else in Washington. Palestinian rights don't matter except at times paying them disingenuous lip service. As a New York senator (from January 2001 - January 2009), Clinton said "undivided Jerusalem as (Israel's) capital…must never be... Continue Reading →

US Obstructing Iran Nuclear Deal

US Obstructing Iran Nuclear Deal by Stephen Lendman Talks post-Lausanne's preliminary agreement were supposed to conclude by June 30 - then July 7, now July 13 or perhaps never. Israel and its US Lobby reject any deal. Congress is amenable to terms no responsible governments would accept.  Obama wants Iranian subjugation, not a fair and... Continue Reading →

Abuse of Minors in Adult US Prisons

Abuse of Minors in Adult US Prisons by Stephen Lendman Among developed countries, American and Israeli prisons (for persecuted Palestinians) are most abusive. Torture and other forms of  mistreatment are commonplace - including against minors. A new Huffington Post report titled "Cruel and All-Too-Usual: A Terrifying Glimpse into Life in Prison - As a Kid"... Continue Reading →

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