Pfizer Funded Study a Commercial for Forever-Jabbing

So-called studies of products financed by their producers lack objectivity. Lacking credibility when published, data presented can’t be taken at face value. These type studies are commercials — worlds apart different from peer-reviewed science. Pharma spends billions of dollars annually in all forms on drug-pushing — notably on television. Deceptive ads target naive consumers, unaware... Continue Reading →

Toxic Mass-Jabbing Pusher NIH Head to Step Down

In cahoots with fraudsters Fauci, Walensky and other US anti-public health officials, NIH director Francis Collins said he’ll step down after disserving the public for over 12 years. He won’t missed. Saying he “love(s) this agency” ignored the enormous harm it’s done to public health during his tenure — since appointed by the Obama/Biden regime... Continue Reading →

Israel Suppressing Reports of Harm from Flu/Covid Jabs

Israeli dark forces involved in destroying public health agreed to exclusive use of Pfizer’s DNA-altering mRNA drug designed to accomplish this objective. According to the company’s chief scientist Philip Dormitzer weeks earlier, the drug giant is using Israel as a “laboratory” for testing its toxic drug on millions of unwitting Jewish state guinea pigs. Israel’s... Continue Reading →

Jabbing Children a Criminal Offense

Truth-telling doctors on all things flu/covid — especially about toxic jabs — are heroic above and beyond the call of duty at a time of universal deceit. In two separate analyses, Drs. Michael Palmer and Suchait Bhakadi (MP and SB below) denounced inoculation of children with toxic Pfizer and Moderna mRNA drugs. Their condemnation of... Continue Reading →

The Herd Immunity Myth

Pre-2020, the herd immunity myth was and remains all about convincing parents to gets kids inoculated with multiple jabs that don’t protect against diseases and risk harm instead. Post-2020, flu/covid jabs added to the mix are mandated or urged for most everyone aged-12 and older — soon to include kids aged 5 -11, most likely... Continue Reading →

Diabolically Guaranteed

What’s left unexplained about all things flu/covid is most crucial for everyone to know. Toxic jabs designed to destroy health — on the phony pretext of protecting it — greatly increase illness serious enough to need hospitalization. If inpatient treatment is necessary for flu/covid, chances are overwhelming that harmful to health protocols will be followed... Continue Reading →

US/Western Academia’s War on Public Health

Ties that bind between US/Western academia and special interests compromise what scholarship, teaching, learning and campus life should be all about. Instead of being free from the corrupting influence of politics and bottom-line interests of business, academia lost its soul by going the other way in increasing numbers. Since garden variety flu was renamed covid... Continue Reading →

Sunday Fake News on Parade

MSM misinformation and disinformation fake news is an every day thing and always on US Sunday talk shows. Mind-numbing manipulation and suppression of what’s crucial to know is their hard-wired fare. Why anyone chooses to follow news and views to deceive, not inform, is for them to explain.  October 3 was no exception — especially... Continue Reading →

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