UK Whistleblower Says Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent a Disaster Waiting to Happen

UK Whistleblower Says Britain's Nuclear Deterrent a Disaster Waiting to Happen by Stephen Lendman Britain's media are all over the story. Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly published an 18-page report called "The Secret Nuclear Threat." He's an engineering technician weapons engineer submariner for Britain's Trident II D5 strategic weapons system aboard the HMS Victorious. He... Continue Reading →

Washington Wants War on Donbass

Washington Wants War on Donbass by Stephen Lendman John Kerry and Victoria Nuland are warriors, not peacemakers - neocons masquerading as diplomats.  They deplore peace. They live by the sword. They foster violence and instability worldwide.  Last week, Nuland was in Kiev meeting with its illegitimate officials - discussing revved up war on Donbas when... Continue Reading →

Freedom Flotilla III Heads for Gaza

Freedom Flotilla III Headed for Gaza by Stephen Lendman Gaza remains illegally blockaded despite Israel's pledge to ease it. Large parts of the Strip lie in ruins - almost nine months since last summer's war of aggression ended.  Funds pledged for reconstruction weren't forthcoming. Israel maintains total control over what's allowed in or out. Humanitarian... Continue Reading →

US Attempted Color Revolution in Macedonia: Vitoria Nuland’s Dirty Hands Involved

US Attempted Color Revolution in Macedonia: Victoria Nuland's Dirty Hands Involved by Stephen Lendman Nuland is hardcore neocon - a rogue Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs/former Dick Cheney deputy national security advisor, among other dubious credentials. She just visited Kiev - plotting revved up aggression on Donbass residents wanting to live... Continue Reading →

The New York Times Endorses Israeli Mass Slaughtering Palestinians by Refusing to Condemn It

The New York Times Endorses Israeli Mass Slaughtering Palestinians by Refusing to Condemn it by Stephen Lendman The Times supports Israel's worst crimes - wrongfully blaming them on victims. It outrageously calls Hamas a terrorist organization. It's Palestine's legitimate government - democratically elected in January 2006. Claiming it wants Israel destroyed is false. It long... Continue Reading →

Sham Riyadh Peace Conference on Yemen

Sham Riyadh Peace Conference on Yemen Imagine a peace and reconciliation conference with one side alone involved. Hundreds of regional rogue state anti-Yemeni freedom representatives participated in a thinly veiled PR stunt.  Houthis wanting Yemeni sovereignty respected refused to come. The conference has nothing to do with peace and stability - everything to do with... Continue Reading →

Congressional Anti-Consumer DARK Act Legislation

Congressional Anti-Consumer DARK Act Legislation by Stephen Lendman On March 25, House Rep. Mike Pompeo (R. KS) introduced HR 1599: Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015. It seeks "(t)o amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to food produced from, containing, or consisting of a bioengineered organism, the labeling of... Continue Reading →

Obama Vows More Middle East Wars

Obama Vows More Middle East Wars by Stephen Lendman Candidate Obama promised hope, peace and change. President Obama delivered duplicity, betrayal and endless wars of aggression against nations posing no threat to America or its neighbors. He represents rogue leadership writ large. His rap sheet exceeds the worst of his predecessors - lawless, anti-progressive, one-sidedly... Continue Reading →

The United States of Injustice

The United States of Injustice by Stephen Lendman None whatever exists. Guilt by accusation suffices for anyone Washington wants convicted. Innocence is no defense. Juries are pressured to convict. Evidence when absent is invented. Lack of proof doesn't matter.  Thousands of political prisoners languish in America's gulag - at home and abroad. Thousands more are... Continue Reading →

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