US-Sponsored Slow-Motion Genocide in Yemen

US-Sponsored Slow-Motion Genocide in Yemen by Stephen Lendman Bush and Obama administrations murdered Yemenis for years - through drone terror-bombings and internal subversion killing mostly civilians. Yemen is the region's poorest country. Its people suffer horrifically. US imperial policy exacerbates conditions greatly. Before leaving to participate in Iranian nuclear talks in Lausanne on Sunday, Russian... Continue Reading →

Obama, Rogue Arab States Support Mass Murdering Yemenis

Obama, Rogue Arab States Support Mass Murdering Yemenis by Stephen Lendman Yemen is Obama's war. It was planned months ago. Military campaigns require extensive preparation. They're not launched overnight as headlines suggest. Saudi and other rogue Arab states were enlisted as US proxies to mass murder Yemenis. Obama usurped diktat authority for wars without end.... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Armed and Dangerous Israel Blasts Iran’s Peaceful Program

Nuclear Armed and Dangerous Israel Blasts Iran's Peaceful Program by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu and other Israeli officials suppress information on its longstanding nuclear weapons program - an arsenal with thermonuclear ones and long-range delivery capability able to incinerate entire cities. On Sunday, Netanyahu railed against Iran's known peaceful nuclear program as a March 31 deadline... Continue Reading →

Washington Wants Its Big Lying Machine Revved Up

Washington Wants Its Big Lying Machine Revved Up by Stephen Lendman Its annual three-fourths of a billion dollars spent isn't enough. It's for managed news disinformation rubbish aired by: • Voice of America; • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, • Radio Free Asia; • Radio and TV Marti aimed at Cuba; and • Middle East Broadcasting... Continue Reading →

Israel Uses Lethal Force Against Palestinian Children

Israel Uses Lethal Force Against Palestinian Children by Stephen Lendman It's longstanding Israel practice - shooting defenseless Palestinian children in cold blood. Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P) explains what's virtually unreported in the West. On March 23, DCI-P called on UN member states to hold Israel accountable for crimes against Palestinian children. It issued a... Continue Reading →

Israeli Stooge Abbas Supports Obama’s War on Yemen

Israeli Stooge Abbas Supports Obama's War on Yemen by Stephen Lendman Israel appointed Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Authority leader to provide enforcer services - dirty work it subcontracts. He's hugely corrupt. He amassed great stolen wealth serving Israeli interests - conspiring against his own people. He's a Palestinian Judas, a longtime Israeli collaborator. He has no... Continue Reading →

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