Deepening Sino/Russian Ties

Deepening Sino/Russian Ties by Stephen Lendman Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Moscow for the May 9 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe commemorations signifies deepening ties between both nations. Xi invited Putin to Beijing for September 3 end of WW II celebratory events. "During those years, China was the main front of World War II... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Authority Hypocrisy

Palestinian Authority Hypocrisy by Stephen Lendman On May 7, Netanyahu announced the most lunatic fringe coalition regime in Israel's history.  It includes racist hate-mongers, over-the-top fascists and religious fundamentalist zealots - an incendiary combination threatening regional peace and stability.  Palestinian Authority (PA) chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said "(t)he face of a new form of racist,... Continue Reading →

Washington and Saudis Plan Escalated Aggression on Yemen

Washington and Saudis Plan Escalated  Aggression on Yemen by Stephen Lendman On Thursday, John Kerry met with Saudi officials in Riyadh. They planned escalated aggression on Yemen harming defenseless civilians most. A so-called proposed 5-day humanitarian ceasefire is phony. Terror-bombing continues. US/Saudi enforced blockade prevents enough essentials to life from entering Yemen.  Suggesting a limited... Continue Reading →

George Galloway Defeated in UK General Election

George Galloway Defeated in UK General Election by Stephen Lendman Parliamentarian, writer, broadcaster, anti-war activist, human rights supporter, Israeli critic, and champion of Palestinian rights among other credentials Respect Party member Galloway was defeated in Thursday's general election. He lost his Bradford West constituency decisively to New Labour's Naz Shah - 19,977 to 8,557. Down... Continue Reading →

Appeals Court Strikes Down Bulk NSA Phone Spying

Appeals Court Strikes Down Bulk NSA Phone Spying by Stephen Lendman On June 11, 2013, the ACLU challenged "the constitutionality of the National Security Agency's mass collection of Americans' phone records (ACLU v. Clapper)." It argued that doing so violates Fourth and First Amendment rights, saying:  "Because the NSA's aggregation of metadata constitutes an invasion... Continue Reading →

Saudis May Go Nuclear

Saudis May Go Nuclear by Stephen Lendman Imagine nuclear weapons in the hands of a rogue state waging direct and proxy aggression on its neighbors at its discretion. Ruling Saudi family dictatorship thugs run things. Decapitations and public whippings are routine. So are imprisoning people for their political beliefs, torture, state-sponsored assassinations and disappearances, as... Continue Reading →

US/Saudi Proposed 5-Day Ceasefire in Yemen: Hold the Cheers

US/Saudi Proposed 5-Day Ceasefire in Yemen: Hold the Cheers by Stephen Lendman On Thursday, John Kerry met his Saudi counterpart in high crimes against peace Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in Riyadh.  They proposed what they called a 5-day humanitarian pause after weeks of US-orchestrated/Saudi-led terror-bombing - including against civilian neighborhoods, refugee camps, schools, hospitals, food... Continue Reading →

Obama to Recognize Palestinian Statehood?

Obama to Recognize Palestinian Statehood? by Stephen Lendman It's hard remembering how many times Obama pledged full support for Israel - at the same time spurning Palestinian rights. He's done nothing to help them throughout his tenure. He partnered with Netanyahu's genocidal Gaza war last summer. He supported mass slaughtering noncombatant men, women and children.... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Forms New Racist, Fascist Government

Netanyahu Forms New Racist, Fascist Government by Stephen Lendman Weeks after Israeli's March 17 elections, Netanyahu and four other extremist political parties formed a new coalition government - barely with 61 of 120 Knesset seats.  Bar-Ilan University Professor Eytan Gilboa calls it "a big political mess…Nobody in his right mind believes that this will hold... Continue Reading →

UK Elections: Business As Usual Triumphs

UK Elections: Business as Usual Triumphs by Stephen Lendman May 7 general elections approach. Britain is like America. It's all over before polls open. Monied interests win every time. Ordinary people lose out more than ever in modern memory. It shows in opinion polls.  Only 16% of voters trust politicians. Why anyone besides well-off Brits... Continue Reading →

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