Juvenile Lifers in America Without Parole

Juvenile Lifers in America Without Parole by Stephen Lendman America is the world's only country imprisoning children for life without the possibility of parole (JLWOP). Doing so is unconstitutional. It violates 8th Amendment protection against "cruel an unusual punishment." The legal dictionary calls it: "any cruel and degrading punishment not known to the Common Law,... Continue Reading →

Washington and Kiev Willfully Sabotaging Minsk Agreement

Washington and Kiev Willfully Sabotaging Minsk Agreement by Stephen Lendman Washington and Kiev partner in high crimes against peace. Obama uses junta proxies to wage naked aggression against Donbass residents. They reject fascist rule. They want democratic rights everyone deserves. Minsk failed like earlier agreements. Washington and Kiev sabotaged it. Fascists don't negotiate in good... Continue Reading →

The New York Times War on Truth Revisited

The New York Times War on Truth Revisited by Stephen Lendman The Times consistently buries hard truths on issues mattering most. Managed news misinformation rubbish substitutes. Professional integrity isn't its long suit. It violates its own editorial policy on ethics in journalism. It professes one thing. It does another without apology or explanation. Its longstanding... Continue Reading →

A Description of Life Ending Nuclear War

A Description of Life-Ending Nuclear War by Stephen Lendman Think nuclear war is nothing to worry about. Think again! Nuclear incineration is no way to go. On February 26, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) headlined "What would happen if an 800-kiloton nuclear warhead detonated above midtown Manhattan?" Saying "Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles are... Continue Reading →

USA Today Reveals Ukrainian Forces Include Nazis

USA Today Reveals Ukrainian Forces Include Nazis by Stephen Lendman Ukraine is a US-installed hotbed of Nazi extremism - a scourge in Europe's heartland. It threatens continental peace. Numerous articles by this writer and others explained Obama replaced Ukrainian democrats with fascist thugs. He installed mob rule by coup d'etat in February 2014. Media scoundrels... Continue Reading →

Venezuelan Anti-Imperialist Enabling Law

Venezuelan Anti-Imperialist Enabling Law by Stephen Lendman On March 11, Venezuela's National Assembly granted President Nicholas Maduro enabling law powers in response to his request for "anti-imperialist (legislation) to prepare for all scenarios."  It followed Obama outrageously declaring Venezuela a threat to US national security. A previous article discussed his "aggression" against Venezuelan sovereign independence. ... Continue Reading →

Fascism: Humanity’s Scourge

Fascism: Humanity's Scourge by Stephen Lendman It gave us Hitler and Mussolini. Today it's headquartered in Washington - with global client states run by puppets serving US interests. Subservient Western countries recklessly support America‚Äôs imperial agenda. Fascist regimes combine perpetual wars with corporate empowerment, massive corruption and police state harshness. Ukraine is in the eye... Continue Reading →

Fascist Republican Senators Threaten Iran

Fascist Republican Senators Threaten Iran by Stephen Lendman Lunatics infesting Washington make their own rules - made up to suit their warped objectives. On March 9, 47 fascist Republican senators addressed "An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran." They acted recklessly like Netanyahu. The intervened directly into (multi-nation) P5+1 talks.... Continue Reading →

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