The Unthinkable: Possible Nuclear War with Russia

The Unthinkable: Possible Nuclear War with Russia by Stephen Lendman Lunatics running things in Washington make anything possible. Obama looks like Bush on steroids.  Neocons infest his administration and Congress. Permanent war on humanity more than ever is official US policy. Ukraine is ground zero. Ongoing conflict risks the unthinkable - direct US confrontation with... Continue Reading →

Rage Against Netanyahu

Rage Against Netanyahu by Stephen Lendman Israelis most often are as out-of-touch with reality as Americans - sleepwalking through their daily lives instead of becoming activist to improve them. Saturday night was different - the exception proving the rule. Tens of thousands of Israelis rallied against Netanyahu's appalling leadership in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square under... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Neocon Infested Administration

Obama's Neocon Infested Administration by Stephen Lendman Obama's legacy won't please him when independently written. He entered office promising "hope and change."  He delivered demagogic Big Lies, permanent wars on humanity, police state repression, and outlandish corporate favoritism at the expense of beneficial social change. He appointed a rogue's gallery of scoundrels to top administration... Continue Reading →

Questions for NYT and Other Scoundrel Media Editors

Questions for NYT and Other Scoundrel Media Editors by Stephen Lendman Alternative sources alone provide reliable information on issues mattering most. Mostly individuals commenting online pro bono. Speaking publicly in venues willing to host them. Expressing honest views when interviewed. Hard truths more important than ever to know.  Ideas and opinions Orwell called revolutionary in... Continue Reading →

Hawkish US Senator Charged with Corruption

Hawkish US Senator Charged with Corruption by Stephen Lendman No nation in world history matches US private and public corruption. Corporate giants have virtual license to steal. Grand theft is core Wall Street operating policy. This writer's book titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America" discusses it. It's now in its second edition in China. Goldman... Continue Reading →

Washington Prepares for Ground War in Syria

Washington Prepares for Ground War in Syria by Stephen Lendman How many simultaneous wars can America wage? How many more does Obama have in mind? As long as neocon lunatics run Washington's asylum, expect wars without end to rage - against one country after another until perhaps all planet earth is turned to smoldering rubble.... Continue Reading →

Je Suis Chavez!

Je Suis Chavez! by Stephen Lendman In Venezuela and throughout Latin America, Chavistas proclaim Yo soy Chavez (I am Chavez)! March 5 marked the second anniversary of his death. Obama killed him - either by poisoning or infecting him with incurable cancer causing substances. Four major surgeries in 18 months couldn't save him. He's gone.... Continue Reading →

The Great American Lying Machine

The Great American Lying Machine  by Stephen Lendman It's unprecedented in outrageous lies on Ukraine. Everything from calling US-installed Nazis democrats to phantom Russian hordes pouring across the border Wehrmacht-style. US officials recite one Big Lie after another. Media scoundrels regurgitate them like gospel. Mindless Americans believe whoppers anyone paying minimal attention would reject.  Wars... Continue Reading →

Israeli Women Wage Peace

Israeli Women Wage Peace by Stephen Lendman Anti-war women of the world unite. They're doing it in Israel. Thousands represent a refreshing antidote to Netanyahu's hate-mongering rage for war. Women Wage Peace (WWP) activists support a "viable" Israeli- Palestinian peace. They want working for it "place(d) at the top of the public agenda." They call... Continue Reading →

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