Jeb Bush Exploring White House Bid

Jeb Bush Exploring White House Bid by Stephen Lendman Another possible Bush presidency should rile freedom-lovers  everywhere. He's forming a leadership political action committee. On Facebook, he said he's doing so to "discuss the most critical challenges facing our exceptional nation." With "support leaders…" Exploring "ideas and policies that will expand opportunity and prosperity for... Continue Reading →

Kiev Anti-Russian False Flag Planned?

Kiev Anti-Russian False Flag Planned? by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed Russian economist/political analyst Mikhail Delyagin expecting a possible anti-Russian nuclear false flag. Fort Russ now cites intelligence "about impending terrorist attacks on Ukrainian strategic objects, which will justify an attack on Donbass." Foreign nationals and relatives of senior Ukrainian officials were evacuated from... Continue Reading →

Plummeting Oil Prices

Plummeting Oil Prices by Stephen Lendman As this is written, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude down to below $56 a barrel. Brent at $61. From a high of $115 in January. Heading for $40 or lower, some analysts believe. Shaking market stability. Reflecting global economic weakness.  Market manipulation. Saudi overproduction a big contributor. Protecting its... Continue Reading →

Former Ukrainian Parliamentarian Exposes Kiev Ruthlessness

Former Ukrainian Parliamentarian Exposes Kiev Ruthlessness by Stephen Lendman US installed fascist putschists run Ukraine. Illegitimate. Brutal. Lawless. Ruthless. Obama's new friends.  A rogue's gallery of societal misfits. Neo-Nazi thugs. Racists. Anti-Semites. Making Mafia bosses look saintly by comparison. For the first time since WW II, overt fascists have real power in Europe's heartland. Taking... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Phony Turning Point

Obama's Phony Turning Point by Stephen Lendman A previous article called Obama a war criminal. Tyrant. Torturer. Racist. Corporate Tool. World-class thug. A serial liar and then some. Ruthless by any standard. Governing extrajudicially. Presiding over a homeland police state apparatus. Hardening what Bush instituted. Serving monied interests exclusively. At the expense of beneficial social... Continue Reading →

Knee-Jerk Reaction to Sydney Hostage Siege

Knee-Jerk Reaction to Sydney Hostage Siege By Stephen Lendman Western media reported what happened as expected. Muslims are their targets of choice. Saying an Islamic gunman took hostages in a Sydney cafe. A black and white flag with Arabic writing like those used by Islamic State (IS) terrorists reportedly visible.  Raising fears of radicalized Islamic... Continue Reading →

PLO Security Council Statehood Bid

PLO Security Council Statehood Bid by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, chief PLO negotiator/long time Israeli collaborator Saeb Erekat said resolution text language will be submitted Monday to Security Council members. To end Israeli occupation within two years. Recognize Palestinian statehood. Within 1967 borders. With East Jerusalem its exclusive capital.  He'll meet with John Kerry and... Continue Reading →

Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?

Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming? by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US plans call for regime change in Russia. Targeting its sovereign independent government. Its main Eurasian rival. Washington wants pro-Western stooge governance installed. By color revolution or war. US hegemonic ambitions threaten world peace. Things are more dangerous today than any time since events preceding WW... Continue Reading →

Former Mossad Head Blasts Netanyahu

Former Mossad Head Blasts Netanyahu by Stephen Lendman He's unfit to serve. An embarrassment to legitimate governance. Ideologically extreme. Over-the-top and then some. Former Mossad head Efraim Halevy sharply criticized him and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett.  Saying peace won't come without treating Palestinians as equals. More on his comments below. Earlier, former Shin Bet head,... Continue Reading →

NAtO Delivering Arms to Ukraine

NATO Delivering Arms to Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Despite claiming otherwise. Big Lies substituting for hard truths. Longstanding US-controlled NATO policy. Ignored by media scoundrels reporting nothing. Kiev wants Donbas democracy crushed. Hardline rule replacing it. Naked aggression waged to force-feed policy. Illegitimate oligarch president Petro Poroshenko's so-called "day(s) of silence" are meaningless. Subterfuge. Quiet... Continue Reading →

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