Palestine: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Palestine: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Stephen Lendman Imagine a people struggling on their own to survive. Under longstanding brutalizing occupation. Ruthless by any standard. Denied representation by their democratically elected government. Besieged in Gaza. Attacked at Israel's discretion. By land, sea and air. Ruled by longstanding Israeli collaborators. Enforcers for special... Continue Reading →

West/Russia Rapprochement?

West/Russia Rapprochement? by Stephen Lendman Not a chance. For sure no time soon. Despite EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Sunday saying: "I often speak to (John) Kerry and there is complete unity in views on the Ukrainian crisis, and similar views exist in other countries, from Canada to Japan. And everyone wants to... Continue Reading →

Low Oil Prices: Boom or Bust?

Low Oil Prices: Boom or Bust? by Stephen Lendman World oil prices are nearly half their year ago price. Triggered by global economic weakness. Market manipulation. Saudi overproduction. OPEC oversupply. US producers flooding world markets with oil. Paul Horsnell heads Standard Chartered's commodities research. He sees chaotic market conditions likely over the next few months.... Continue Reading →

America’s War on Palestine

America's War on Palestine by Stephen Lendman America one-sidedly supports Israel. Both countries partner in each other's crimes. United against Palestinian statehood. Determined to keep 4.5 million Palestinians subjugated. Hostages on their own land in their own country.  Under militarized occupation rule. Afforded no rights whatever. Congressional members demand Obama veto Palestine's Security Council statehood... Continue Reading →

War on Black America

War on Black America by Stephen Lendman Black Americans are in the eye of the storm. Militarized cops target them nationwide. According to Operation Ghetto Storm, police, security guards, and other self-appointed enforcers kill black youths and adults on average every 28 hours. "(S)tate-sanctioned killings." Casualties of war. Ongoing daily against black Americans. Compounded by... Continue Reading →

Nicht to War in Europe

Nicht to War in Europe by Stephen Lendman At risk is US-led NATO war on Russia. Lunatics influencing policy in Washington make the unthinkable possible. On December 5, over 60 prominent Germans argued against war in Europe in their names. Madness if happens.  Expressing their views in Zeit Online. Translated from the German text. More... Continue Reading →

New York Times: Enemy of Truth

New York Times: Enemy of Truth by Stephen Lendman The Times is America's leading establishment publication. Its longstanding history is unprincipled.  Supporting wealth, power and privilege. At the expense of populist interests. Functioning as a quasi-official propaganda ministry. Offering a daily diet of managed news misinformation rubbish. On issues mattering most. It bears repeating what... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Season Message

A Holiday Season Message by Stephen Lendman Borrowing a line from Dickens, 2014 was the best and worst of times. Multiple illnesses slowed me down. Stopped me for a while. At age 80, the flesh doesn't always respond to the spirit's willingness. Or as easily as years earlier. When healthy, I manage to do what... Continue Reading →

War in Ukraine Over Christmas

War in Ukraine Over Christmas by Stephen Lendman On Wednesday, Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine members met in Minsk. Discussing ongoing onbas conflict conditions. Ways to end them. Attended by former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. Donetsk People's Republic Vice Chairman Denis Pushilin. Lugansk People's Republic representative Vladislav Deinego. Russia's ambassador to Kiev Mikhail Zurabov. OSCE... Continue Reading →

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