Dead-End US/Russian Relations

Dead-End US/Russian Relations by Stephen Lendman  NTV television interviewed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. US/Russian relations reached dead-end long before Ukrainian crisis conditions, he said. He discussed a range of bilateral problems. "Our relationship is quite complicated," he said. "(B)y the fact that Washington does not attempt to take into account the wishes of partners."... Continue Reading →

We’re All Palestinians

We're All Palestinians by Stephen Lendman The late Edward Said called "any serious public discussion" about Israeli policies the last taboo. It's no exaggeration, he said. "Abortion, homosexuality, the death penalty, even the sacrosanct military budget can be discussed with some freedom."  "The extermination of native Americans can be admitted, the morality of Hiroshima attacked,... Continue Reading →

Russia: On the Right Side of History

Russia: On the Right Side of History by Stephen Lendman Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's comments reflect Russia's position on geopolitical issues. Especially major ones mattering most. He explained them following discussions days earlier with John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Paris. He's a world-class diplomat. He embarrasses his Western counterparts. They're no... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Bloodstained Hands

Israel's Bloodstained Hands by Stephen Lendman British MP George Galloway is right calling Israel "an illegal, savage and barbarous state." It "has more (UN) censures against it than the rest of the countries in the world put together…" It "refuses to abide by resolutions and continues to illegally grab land and persecute their rightful owners…"... Continue Reading →

Reinvented Scoundrel Media History

Reinvented Scoundrel Media History by Stephen Lendman New York Times editors do it numerous ways. At times in their "Room for Debate" series. Featuring mostly one-sided views. Crowding out truth and full disclosure. Overwhelming it with Big Lies. On October 17, they headlined "Should Nations Recognize a Palestinian State? Six views were presented. More on... Continue Reading →

Attorney Stanley L. Cohen: Guilty of Doing His Job Honorably

Attorney Stanley L. Cohen: Guilty of Doing His Job Honorably by Stephen Lendman He's a criminal defense attorney/political activist par excellence. Wrongfully indicted on bogus charges. Guilty of defending wrong clients. Ones prosecutors wanted convicted. More on this below. America's criminal justice system is corrupted. Broken. Systematically unfair. Infested with political hacks.  Solely supporting wealth,... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Rogue Agenda

Israel's Rogue Agenda by Stephen Lendman Israel is a regional replica of rogue state America. Both countries operate lawlessly. Ruthlessly.  They partner in crime. They wage it on defenseless adversaries. For unchallenged control.  For resources they want pillaged. People they want exploited. No matter the human cost involved.  Imperial objectives alone matter. So does making... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing John Kerry’s Big Lies

Deconstructing John Kerry's Big Lies by Stephen Lendman Kerry disgraces the office he holds. He's an unindicted war criminal. He represents America's dark side. Its consummate evil. Big Lies infest his rhetoric. He's been caught red-handed numerous times. He disdains rule of law principles. He supports war. He deplores peace. He's indifferent to human suffering. ... Continue Reading →

2008 Redux?

2008 Redux? by Stephen Lendman Headlines aren't reassuring. They're unnerving. Today's Wall Street Journal headlined "Stocks Swoon in Frenzied Trading." "Dow Slides More than 450 Points Before Climbing; Treasury Yields Touch 16-Month Low." Doing so shows low growth expectations. Maybe heading for decline. Economist John Williams calls GDP guesstimates "the most worthless of economic series."... Continue Reading →

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