Obama Doublespeak Duplicity

Obama Doublespeak Duplicity by Stephen Lendman Demagogic doublespeak dots his rhetoric. So do mumbo jumbo Big Lies. They systematically drown out truth. It's consistent Obama policy. He mocks democratic values. Justifying the unjustifiable. Defending the indefensible. Supporting the unthinkable.  Believing militarism is the be all and end all. Waging permanent wars on humanity. It may... Continue Reading →

Renouncing Judaism

Renouncing Judaism by Stephen Lendman Decades of Israeli high crimes against peace are reason enough for all Jews for justice to do it. Shlomo Sand for one. On October 10, he headlined his London Guardian commentary " 'I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew.' " More on this below. Zionism harms Jews... Continue Reading →

Nobel Hypocrisy 101

Nobel Hypocrisy 101 by Stephen Lendman Nobel tradition is horrific. Disreputable. Long and inglorious. War criminals win peace prizes. Past honorees include a rogue's gallery of some of the world's worst. Peace advocates are spurned. Ignored. Shut out for doing the right thing. Especially in today's highly-charged atmosphere. Selection is politicized. It's longstanding policy. It's... Continue Reading →

UK Vote on Palestinian Statehood: Hold the Cheers

UK Vote on Palestinian Statehood: Hold the Cheers by Stephen Lendman On Monday, MPs will vote up or down on whether to recognize Palestinian statehood. Doing so is non-binding. It's largely symbolic. Labour Friends of Palestine proposed the motion, stating: "This House believes that the Government should recognize the state of Palestine alongside the State... Continue Reading →

Freedom Walking for Palestine and BDS

Freedom Walking for Palestine and BDS by Stephen Lendman In the 1960s, US Freedom Riders challenged racist injustice and related human rights abuses. Their activism made a difference. They rode interstate buses across segregated southern states. They risked life and limb at times doing so. They endured arrests for trespassing, unlawful assembly, as well as... Continue Reading →

Dueling Ideologies: America v. Russia and Venezuela

Dueling Ideologies: America v. Russia and Venezuela by Stephen Lendman These countries are geopolitical opposites. America represents rogue governance. Permanent war is official policy. Russia and Venezuela prioritize world peace and stability. Responsible governance. Respect for sovereign independence. Rule of law inviolability. On October 8, Obama addressed top Pentagon commanders. He usually does it in... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels Wage War

Media Scoundrels Wage War by Stephen Lendman They're in lockstep with US imperial policy. They support its dark side unapologetically.  They're propaganda bullhorns for wrong over right. They're de facto Washington house organs. Readers and viewers are irresponsibly cheated. They're willfully misinformed. They're treated like mushrooms. Well-watered and in the dark. Everything they most need... Continue Reading →

Crowning the Dragon: World’s Top Economy

Crowning the Dragon: World's Top Economy by Stephen Lendman It was just a matter of time before China surpassed America as the world's leading economy based on purchasing power parity (PPP).  It's an exchange rate between currencies measured by the cost of a representative basket of goods in one country v. another. Surprisingly, China's growth... Continue Reading →

Racist Extremism in Israel

Racist Extremism in Israel by Stephen Lendman Israel is no democracy. It never was one. For sure not now. Netanyahu is a world-class thug. He exceeds the worst of Sharonian evil. Extremists around him reflect hardline fascist rule. They control Knesset poiicy. They hold over 80% of its seats. They overwhelm moderate voices. They treat... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Syria Strategy

Obama's Syria Strategy by Stephen Lendman It's lawless. Ruthless, Transparent. Islamic State (IS) fighters hold mostly Kurdish-populated Kobani along Turkey's border under siege. Controlling it looms. So does likely mass slaughter. Hundreds already are dead. Around 200,000 fled cross-border. Today's Zaman is one of four English language Turkish broadsheets. On October 8, it headlined "Turkey... Continue Reading →

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