Upcoming Syrian Presidential Election

Upcoming Syrian Presidential Election by Stephen Lendman It's scheduled for June 3. Aspirants had until May 1 to register. Twenty-four hopefuls did so. By April 28, seven candidates were approved. They included Bashar al-Assad, Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar, Hassan al-Nouri , Mohammad Firas Yassin Rajjouh, Abdul-Salam Youssef Salameh, Sawsan Omar al-Haddad, and Sameer Ahmad Mo'alla. Before... Continue Reading →

Eastern Ukrainian Referendum Post-Mortems

Eastern Ukrainian Referendum Post-Mortems by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, Donetsk and Lugansk residents voted. Democracy triumphed overwhelmingly. Both regions declared independence. Self-determination is inviolable. It's a universal right. Not according to Washington. Reaction was as expected. It didn't surprise. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki lied calling both referendums "illegal." They reflect real democracy in action.... Continue Reading →

Democracy Landslide in Eastern Ukraine

Democracy Landslide in Eastern Ukraine by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, Donetsk and Lugansk regional referendums were held. Democracy triumphed overwhelmingly. Almost 90% of Donetsk residents voted for self-determination. For local autonomy. For self-rule. Accounting to Central Election Commission head Roman Lyagin: "Counting the ballots proved to be surprisingly easy. The number of people who said... Continue Reading →

Bashing Real Democracy

Bashing Real Democracy by Stephen Lendman Media scoundrels reacted as expected. They didn't surprise. They march in lockstep with official Washington policy.  They bashed Sunday's legitimate Donetsk and Lugansk referendums. They reflect real democracy.  They exposed America's sham process. Perhaps they'll inspire people everywhere to follow their courageous example. Not according to The New York... Continue Reading →

Lugansk and Donetsk Declare Independence

Lugansk and Donetsk Declare Independence by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, Lugansk and Donetsk voted. Regional referendums were held. Doing so reflected real democracy. Ordinary people spoke. They did so overwhelmingly. They did near unanimously. They rejected Kiev fascists decisively. They were unequivocal. They left no doubt where they stand. On Monday, Lugansk People's Governor Valery... Continue Reading →

Eastern Ukrainians Vote

Eastern Ukrainians Vote by Stephen Lendman On May 11, Donetsk and Lugansk regional referendums were held. Polls opened at 8AM.  Central Election Commission head Roman Lyagin said "turnout is not just high, it's off the charts." "People (queued) up at polling stations…(E)lection commissions (worked) at full capacity." Results will be declared valid whatever the turnout,... Continue Reading →

Blackwater Killers in Eastern Ukraine

Blackwater Killers in Eastern Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Blackwater's rap sheet reveals a record too deplorable to conceal. It became Xe. It's now Academi. Putting lipstick on this pig doesn't help. It's no different than before. Jeremy Scahill's book titled "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army" called it: A "shadowy mercenary... Continue Reading →

Fascist Killers

Fascist Killers by Stephen Lendman Three nations among others stand out: America, Israel and Ukraine. America's deplorable history reflects barbarism writ large. Killing civilians is longstanding policy. Doing so violates core international law. It prohibits collective punishment. It forbids attacking noncombatants. Targets unrelated to military necessity are strictly off-limits.  Lawless attacks constitute crimes of war,... Continue Reading →

Palestine Under Siege

Palestine Under Siege by Stephen Lendman Israel denies Palestinians fundamental rights everyone deserves. Praying to the wrong God is considered terrorism. So is self-defense against Israeli brutality. So-called peace talks represent the greatest hoax in modern times. Multiple rounds for decades accomplished nothing.  Things are worse than ever today. Nine months of 2013/14 talks were... Continue Reading →

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