PLO/Hamas Detente?

PLO/Hamas Detente? by Stephen Lendman Reports announced it. Previous efforts failed. We've been here, done that several several times before. Is this time different?  It remains to be seen. On April 23, Haaretz headlined "Palestinian factions prepare to implement reconciliation deal."  Mounib Al-Masri headed Abbas' negotiating team. "There has been great progress, and we are... Continue Reading →

US Threatens Russia

US Threatens Russia by Stephen Lendman Washington bears full responsibility for elevating illegitimate fascist putschists to power. Doing so reflects another sordid chapter in US history. For sure, it won't be the last. Bullying, bluster and threatening ultimatums define US policy. John Kerry warned Sergei Lavrov.  Moscow has "days, not weeks," to assure Ukrainian four-part... Continue Reading →

Outrageous Pro-Kiev Op-Ed

Outrageous Pro-Kiev Op-Ed by Stephen Lendman Haaretz editors published it. They know better. They shame their US counterparts. They feature writers excluded from their pages.  Western ones substitute propagandists. They're illegitimate. They lack credibility. They masquerade as journalists. US media feature them prominently. Readers are systematically lied to. Hennadi Nadolenko is Kiev's ambassador to Israel.... Continue Reading →

Cold War 2.0

Cold War 2.0 by Stephen Lendman A previous article said welcome to Cold War 2.0. The first one never ended. Since Soviet Russia's 1991 dissolution, Western policy remained hard-wired in place.  Putin and Obama are geopolitical opposites. They're world's apart. Their ideologies clash. They represent conflicting values. Putin defends Russian sovereignty. He opposes US imperial... Continue Reading →

Marwan Barghouti on Sham Peace Talks

Marwan Barghouti on Sham Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman In May 2004, he was lawlessly convicted of three attacks killing five people. A three-judge panel admitted he had no involvement. It didn't matter. Weeks later, he got five life sentences plus 40 years imprisonment. He's a prisoner of conscience.  He calls himself "a political leader,... Continue Reading →

Kiev Breaks Easter Truce

Kiev Breaks Easter Truce by Stephen Lendman On April 19, Kiev putschists pledged no Easter weekend Eastern Ukraine attacks. They promised "suspension of the active phase of the anti-terrorism operation" to defuse crisis conditions. A state security service (SBU) spokeswoman said suspension was "linked to the implementation of the Geneva agreement and the Easter holidays."... Continue Reading →

Unacceptable Kiev-Sonsored Murder

Unacceptable Kiev-Sponsored Murder by Stephen Lendman Fascist thugs operate this way. Moscow denounced them. Slavyansk Mayor Vladimir Ponomaryov asked Russia to send peacekeepers for protection. More on this below. A companion article said Kiev putschists pledged no Easter weekend Eastern Ukraine attacks. Straightaway they occurred. Earlier deployed Right Sector neo-Nazis murdered 4 Slavyansk activists. They... Continue Reading →

Canada Targets Russia

Canada Targets Russia  by Stephen Lendman Right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper marches in lockstep with Washington. He's Obama's unctuous little sidekick. He dances to his tune. He partners in his dark side. No pun intended. Canadian travel restrictions were imposed on senior Russian officials. Crimean ones were targeted. Economic sanctions followed. Last month, Harper announced... Continue Reading →

Russia Bashing Continues

Russia Bashing Continues by Stephen Lendman Washington bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. Russia alone has gone all-out to resolve them responsibly.  Putin and Sergei Lavrov deserve Nobel Peace Prize recognition. War criminals alone get it. Obama is Exhibit A. US bullying, bluster, and threats continue. Brazen lies repeat. Sanctions were imposed. Obama threatened... Continue Reading →

Koch Brothers-Style Free Society

Koch Brothers-Style Free Society by Stephen Lendman Charles and David Koch are modern-day robber barons. They're multi-billionaires. Forbes estimates their April 2014 net worth at $40.3 billion each. Charles is Koch Industries (KI) chairman and CEO. David is executive vice president. They're $6 billion richer this year than last. They make money the old fashioned... Continue Reading →

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