Ukraine’s New President

Ukraine's New President by Stephen Lendman He's like his predecessor. Coup-appointed. In his case anointed. By electoral rubber-stamping.  He's anti-democratic. Fascist. Mega-crook. Neoliberal. Confrontational. Militant. Belligerent. Bellicose. Criminal. Opposite what Ukrainians deserve. Straightaway he OK'd full-scale war without mercy. More on this below. Russia wants Eastern Ukrainian military aggression halted. Obama wants it continued. He... Continue Reading →

War Without Mercy

War Without Mercy by Stephen Lendman Ukraine's President-Elect Petro Poroshenko ordered it straightaway. He wants Eastern freedom fighters crushed. He calls them "terrorists." He declared war without mercy. More on this below. A 1990s board game is called War Without Mercy. It's surreal. It's a game. Warmaking is play-acting. No one dies. Opposing forces are... Continue Reading →

Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Freed

Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Freed by Stephen Lendman Bahrain's Al Khalifa monarchy rules despotically. Ruthlessly. Extrajudicially. State terror is official policy.  Activists are targeted, arrested, tortured, and imprisoned. Kangaroo court proceedings deny justice. Nabeel Rajab is one of Bahrain's best. He's a prominent human rights leader. A courageous one. Committed for right over wrong. In... Continue Reading →

Obama in Afghanistan

Obama in Afghanistan by Stephen Lendman He left Washington Saturday. He arrived in Afghanistan Sunday. It was his fourth visit. He stayed less than four hours. Earlier trips were in March 2010, December 2010 and May 2012. Obama addressed US troops. He did so at Bagram Air Base. It houses one of America's notorious torture... Continue Reading →

Post-Ukrainian Election Violence

Post-Ukrainian Election Violence by Stephen Lendman Billionaire oligarch mega-crook Petro Poroshenko is Ukraine's new president. Illegitimate coup-appointed officials anointed him.  Sham election-rigging rubber-stamping followed. Fascism defeated democracy.  Obama said "we commend the resolve of all those who participated, as well as the efforts of the Ukrainian government to conduct these elections in the face of... Continue Reading →

Punishing Palestinians Ruthlessly

Punishing Palestinians Ruthlessly by Stephen Lendman Occupation harshness continues unabated. Gaza remains besieged. Multiple West Bank communities are targeted daily.  East Jerusalemites suffer horrifically. Rogue states operate this way. Israel is one of the world's worst. It's punishing Palestinians ruthlessly. Rule of law principles don't matter. Democracy is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Ordinary Palestinians... Continue Reading →

Sham Ukrainian Presidential Election

Sham Ukrainian Presidential Election by Stephen Lendman Presidential aspirants were all putschist-approved. They're fascists. Ballot choices excluded democrats. Several legitimate candidates dropped out. They were threatened. They feared for their lives. Ukrainians chose a president, Kiev mayor, Kiev Council deputies and six regional center mayors - in Mykolaiv, Odessa, Sumy, Kherson, Cherkasy and Chernivtsi. If... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels on Sham Ukrainian Elections

Media Scoundrels on Sham Ukrainian Elections by Stephen Lendman Their comments didn't surprise. They supported sham Ukrainian elections. Throughout the run-up, voting and aftermath. They endorse sham US ones. They pretend fantasy democracy is real. They do it every time. Unapologetically. With a straight face.  The New York Times headlined "Election of President Seen as... Continue Reading →

Neocon WaPo Editors Urge War on Syria

Neocon WaPo Editors Urge War on Syria by Stephen Lendman WaPo editors long ago fell from grace. Credibility is entirely gone. Watergate-type exposes are verboten. Editorial policy fronts for power. Extreme hawkishness defines it. New owner Jeff Bezos has CIA ties. He's in bed with the devil.  He was bought. He was paid off. He... Continue Reading →

US-Led NATO’s War on Humanity

US-Led NATO's War on Humanity by Stephen Lendman US-led NATO threatens humanity. It's an imperial tool. It's a global killing machine.  It prioritizes war. It deplores peace. Humanity's survival hangs in the balance. It includes 28 member nations, 22 Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) ones, seven Mediterranean Dialogue countries, and four Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) states.... Continue Reading →

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