Dissembling by Biden’s Impersonator at UN

US congressional members, world community nations and MSM know — or should know — that the unelected/illegitimate Biden regime is nominally headed by a know-nothing figurehead imposter. Too cognitively impaired to serve in any capacity, selected/unelected JB is hidden out of sight in parts unknown — uninvolved in affairs of state. On Tuesday before the... Continue Reading →

Medical Tyranny in Ontario, Canada

The scourge of medical tyranny is spreading like wildfire throughout the West. It’s just a matter of time before it infects most everywhere in US/Western societies in similar forms. Like the US, long ago safe and fit to live in Canada no longer exists. Draconian Ontario mandates — with likely greater harshness planned — will... Continue Reading →

A Mensch v. a Moron

Iran’s peace and stability supporting mensch president in Tehran is polar opposite hegemon USA’s imposter/figurehead moron in Washington. On Tuesday, they both addressed the UN General Assembly. A separate article discussed the fake Biden’s dissembling and threats against nonexistent enemies. Remarks by Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi were worlds apart from hegemon USA’s destructive agenda.... Continue Reading →

Indisputable Science

What US/Western dark forces — including their public health fraudsters — and supportive MSM press agents suppress about flu/covid is most crucial for everyone to know. A personal note: Well into my 9th decade, I refuse to be silent about the most important issue in world history. Nothing preceding it approached the gravity of what’s... Continue Reading →

Flu/Covid Jabs Contain Health Destroying “Shit”

Established by James O’Keefe in 2011, Project Veritas (PV) “investigates and exposes corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.” Its “rules” and standards include: Truth-telling in compliance with the rule of law Upholding First Amendment rights for everyone Investigating and... Continue Reading →

MSM Big Lies About Flu/Covid Never Quit

The NYT, CNN, National Pentagon Radio (NPR) Britain’s BBC, Canada’s CBC, and virtually all other US/Western MSM are complicit with state-sponsored mass-murder on an unparalleled scale. Never before in world history did dark forces anywhere plot anything as recklessly diabolic as what’s been going on since last year. Instead of condemning what no one should... Continue Reading →

Bashing Russia’s Democratic Process

Unlike fantasy US/Western democracies — governments of, by and for everyone equitably de facto banned — Russians get the real thing. Three-day State Duma elections that concluded on Sunday were the latest example of Russia’s democratic process in action. Not according to hegemon USA, its key imperial partners and media press agents. The NYT lying... Continue Reading →

Conflating Flu/Covid with Pneumonia

Annual seasonal flu/influenza outbreaks are now deceptively called covid. Their symptoms are virtually identical because it’s a viral illness renamed. Planned long before its unveiling under a new name, it’s part of fear-mongering mass deception begun early last year to mind-manipulate people to believe what’s harmful is beneficial. No organism was ever isolated for covid,... Continue Reading →

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