Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Vienna

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Vienna by Stephen Lendman On November 24, 2013, Iran and P5 + 1 countries agreed on Joint Plan of Action (JPA) terms. A previous article said hold the cheers. It asked if it matters. Longstanding hardline US/Israeli policy won't change. Anti-Iranian AIPAC pressure is relentless. Obama twice breached JPA terms.... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Multiple Regime Change Fronts

Obama's Multiple Regime Change Fronts by Stephen Lendman Previous articles discussed Obama's rogue agenda in detail. His destructive pattern continues unabated. Throughout his tenure, he did what supporters thought impossible. He exceeded the worst of George Bush. His policies replicate Republican hardliners. Neocons infest his administration.  He's waging war on humanity. He's doing at home... Continue Reading →

Washington v. Chavismo

Washington v. Chavismo by Stephen Lendman Destabilizing Venezuela is longstanding US policy. Chavez denounced it many times. President Nicolas Maduro does now. After his April 2013 election, he accused opposition candidate Henrique Capriles of coup plotting against him. "Preparations are under way for an attempt to de-recognize democratic institutions," he said.  Dark forces never quit.... Continue Reading →

Obama Plans Intervention Against Syria

Obama Plans Intervention Against Syria by Stephen Lendman Neocons infest his administration. They want Assad forcibly ousted. Manipulated to fail diplomacy may be pretext to do it. Two rounds of Geneva talks deadlocked. Expect no change going forward. US strategy call for regime change. It's comin the old-fashioned way. Toppling Assad violently is planned. On... Continue Reading →

US Press Freedom Threatened

US Press Freedom Threatened by Stephen Lendman First Amendment rights matter most. Without them all other freedoms are at risk. Post-9/11 policies threaten them. Bush waged war against them. Obama escalated it. He promised transparency, accountability and reform. He called whistleblowing "acts of courage and patriotism." He said one thing. He did another. Press freedoms... Continue Reading →

Preordained Failure in Geneva

Preordained Failure in Geneva by Stephen Lendman Washington manipulated Syrian peace talks deadlock. Obama abhors peace. He wants war. He didn't launch it to quit. He wants Assad forcibly ousted. Ending conflict defeats his objective. It continues. Two rounds of peace talk pretense accomplished nothing. They ended as expected. What's next remains to be seen.... Continue Reading →

Disgraceful NYT Op-Eds

Disgraceful NYT Op-Eds by Stephen Lendman NYT policy is consistent. It's longstanding. It's deplorable. It's opposite of what readers deserve. All news and opinions Times editors call fit to print aren't fit to read. Editorial policy endorses establishment values. Truth and full disclosure are prohibited. They're sacrificed on the alter of wealth, power and privilege.... Continue Reading →

US Political Prisoner Near Death

US Political Prisoner Near Death by Stephen Lendman Thousands of political prisoners languish in America's gulag. It's by far the world's largest. It's one of the most ruthless. Injustice is longstanding US policy. Political targets are guilty by accusation. Long prison terms are commonplace. Rogue states operate this way. America is by far the worst.... Continue Reading →

Syrian Peace Process Pretense

Syrian Peace Process Pretense by Stephen Lendman Syrians genuinely want peace. Washington wants regime change. SNC stooges represent US interests. In January, talks convened in Geneva. Round one failed. So did round two. On February 14, UN/Arab League Syrian envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said: "Failure is always staring us in the face. As far as the... Continue Reading →

Venezuelan Fascists Want Regime Change

Venezuelan Fascists Want Regime Change by Stephen Lendman Ongoing street violence isn’t happenstance. It didn’t erupt spontaneously. Dark forces planned it. On Friday it continued. More on this below.  Washington's dirty hands are involved. Longstanding US plans call for regime change.  Obama deplores democracy. He tolerates none at home or abroad. He wants Bolivarianism crushed.... Continue Reading →

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