Le Monde: France in NSA’s Crosshairs

Le Monde: France in NSA's Crosshairs by Stephen Lendman On October 1, French newspaper Le Monde headlined "France in the NSA's crosshair: phone networks under surveillance." More on that below. Previous articles explained. NSA operates lawlessly. It does so by rules it invents. It spies globally. Enormous amounts of meta-data are collected. It's longstanding. It's... Continue Reading →

Remembering Fouzi El-Asmar

Remembering Fouzi El-Asmar by Stephen Lendman On September 19, distinguished Palestinian American academic, writer, author, poet and activist El-Asmar died at age 76. At his request, he was buried in his native Palestine.  On October 27, a memorial service will be held at Saints Peter and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church, 10620 River Road, Potomac, MD.... Continue Reading →

Fiasco Obamacare Debut

Fiasco Obamacare Debut by Stephen Lendman Obamacare's painful rollout is the least of its problems. More on that below.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is rife with problems. It's a ripoff. It's a boon to healthcare providers. It scams most enrollees.  It's not universal as promised. It leaves millions of Americans uninsured. It leaves most... Continue Reading →

Iran’s Outreach Deserves Reciprocal Response

Iran's Outreach Deserves Reciprocal Response by Stephen Lendman Professor Nader Entesaar chairs University of South Alabama's Political Science and Criminal Justice Department. He researches and teaches defense and foreign policy issues, developing world ones (especially in the Middle East), international politics and political economy, as well as international law and conflict management. He called Iranian... Continue Reading →

Israel: Major International Cocaine Trafficking Hub

Israel: Major International Cocaine Trafficking Hub by Stephen Lendman A June UN Office on Drugs and Crime World Drug Report named Israel for its "star role." More on that below. Israel is a serial lawbreaker. Its rap sheet already overflows. This revelation adds another reprehensible black mark. The State Department's 2012 International Narcotics Control Strategy... Continue Reading →

Syrian Peace Talks

Syrian Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman Obama's war on Syria rages. Opposition forces are divided. Kofi Annan's March 2012 six-point plan failed. Three months later, so did Geneva I. June 2012 talks were called a "last ditch effort" to halt violence. Similar headlines followed Annan's plan. Fighting rages daily. Obama bears full responsibility. He deplores... Continue Reading →

Billionaire Mayor Wins Genesis Prize

Billionaire Mayor Wins Genesis Prize by Stephen Lendman Outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ranks 13th among Forbes magazine's global billionaires. He's America's 10th richest.  He's worth an estimated $31 billion. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Charles and David Koch, as well as four Walton family members alone best him. On October 21,... Continue Reading →

America’s Economic Dark Side

America's Economic Dark Side by Stephen Lendman Former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich explained, saying: "Of all developed nations, the United States has the most unequal distribution of income, and we're surging towards every greater inequality." America's 400 richest elites have more wealth than half the population. Jacob Kornbluth's new documentary film "Inequality for... Continue Reading →

Longstanding New York Times Pro-Israeli Bias

Longstanding New York Times Pro-Israeli Bias by Stephen Lendman A previous article said according to TimesThink, Palestine isn't occupied. Gaza isn't besieged. The Nakba never happened.  Lawless Israeli settlements are legitimate. Israel is more victim than aggressor. Palestinians choose conflict over peace. They're responsible for their own misery. Eighteen months after Israel's preemptive Cast Lead... Continue Reading →

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