Hail to the Thief

Hail to the Thief by Stephen Lendman On December 19, Vladimir Putin pardoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He did it a day after announcing he'd do so. Western media scoundrels reacted as expected. They praised his release. They denounced Putin earlier for imprisoning him. More on this below. Until his October 2003 arrest, Kordorkovsky was Russia's richest... Continue Reading →

Israel Attacks Gaza

Israel Attacks Gaza by Stephen Lendman It wasn't the first time. It won't be the last. It's done it numerous times before. It strikes aggressively. It does it lawlessly. It's longstanding Israeli policy. Cast Lead and Pillar of Cloud attacks were major acts of aggression. Many other strikes were modest by comparison. Israel lies claiming... Continue Reading →

Conflict in South Sudan

Conflict in South Sudan by Stephen Lendman Until July 2011, Sudan was Africa's largest country. Balkanization changed things. It's now the third largest.  South Sudan broke away. It did so by national referendum. Ordinary people were lied to. They were told independence would elevate living standards. Nothing changed. Business as usual continues. Internal conflict exacerbates... Continue Reading →

Samer Issawi’s Liberating Struggle

Samer Issawi's Liberating Struggle by Stephen Lendman Thousands of political prisoners languish in Israel's gulag. It's one of the world's harshest. Detainees face torture, intimidation, humiliation, and other abuses. Administrative ones are held indefinitely without charges or trials. Children are treated like adults. Horrific conditions include severe overcrowding. Poor ventilation and sanitation makes things worse.... Continue Reading →

100 Years of Financial Terrorism

100 Years of Financial Terrorism by Stephen Lendman December 23, 1913 will live in infamy. Three days before Christmas, House members passed the Federal Reserve Act (FSA).  On December 23, Senate members did so. President Woodrow Wilson was a tool of big money. He was JP Morgan's man in Washington. He signed FSA into law... Continue Reading →

Rogue State Israel

Rogue State Israel by Stephen Lendman Israel is no democracy. It never was. For sure it's not now. Its current government is its worst ever. It's dominated by right-wing ideologues. Belligerence, state-sponsored terrorism, militarized occupation, racist persecution, settlement expansions, and neoliberal harshness reflect official policy. Netanyanu's a world class thug. His coalition partners are militantly... Continue Reading →

Making War, Not Peace, in Syria

Making War, Not Peace in Syria by Stephen Lendman On January 22, so-called Geneva II peace talks begin in Montreux, Switzerland. On January 24, they'll continue in Geneva.  They're dead on arrival before beginning. Radicalized elements dominate anti-Assad forces. They reject peace. So does Washington. Syria is Obama's war. US-supported death squads wage it. Obama... Continue Reading →

New Iran Sanctions Bill

New Iran Sanctions Bill by Stephen Lendman Last July, House members overwhelmingly passed new Iranian sanctions. A companion Senate bill didn't follow. Members of both parties want one. On December 19, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Robert Menendez (D. NJ) headlined his press release: "Twenty-Seven Senators Introduce the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act (NWFI)." Multiple rounds... Continue Reading →

Washington Abuses Indian Diplomat

Washington Abuses Indian Diplomat by Stephen Lendman India's New York consular official was targeted. Devyani Khobragade is Deputy Consul General. On December 12, US marshals abused her. They arrested, handcuffed, detained, and strip-searched her multiple times. India's government had to post a $250,000 bond for her release. She's charged with visa fraud and failing to... Continue Reading →

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