Double Standard Victims of Israel’s War on Palestine

Double Standard Victims of Israel's War on Palestine by Stephen Lendman Brutalizing Palestinians is longstanding. Crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide reflect it.   So do colonization, apartheid and daily state terror. Militarized occupation is lawless and brutal. Previous articles explained. Torture, inhumane and degrading treatment reflect official Israeli policy. Children are treated... Continue Reading →

US Globalized Torture Black Sites

US Globalized Torture Black Sites by Stephen Lendman On October 5, US Delta Force commandos, CIA operatives, and FBI agents abducted Abu Anas al-Liby. Doing so highlights what's been out-of-control since 9/11. In the 1980s, al-Liby was one of many CIA-recruited mujahideen fighters. They were used against Afghanistan's Soviet occupiers.  Ronald Reagan called them "the... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu: His Own Worst Enemy

Netanyahu: His Own Worst Enemy by Stephen Lendman He never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to act responsibly. He's too set in his ways. He's too far gone to change. He's off the rails entirely.  It shows every time he speaks. He puts his foot in his mouth. One day he'll risk swallowing... Continue Reading →

Violence, Instability, Torture and Deaths in Libya

Violence, Instability, Torture and Deaths in Libya by Stephen Lendman Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter, destruction, instability and human misery follow.  Today's Libya reflects Washington's deplorable legacy. North Africa's most developed country was ravaged and destroyed. Anarchical charnel house conditions replaced it. listed 16 things Libyans lost. They include: (1) free electricity (2)... Continue Reading →

Der Spiegel Interviews Assad

Der Spiegel Interviews Assad by Stephen Lendman He called insurgents terrorists. He did so justifiably. He said Western countries lie. He's defending Syrian sovereignty, he stressed. More on what he said below. He deplores war. He wants peaceful conflict resolution. He's defending Syria against foreign invaders. They're extremist insurgents.  He voluntarily agreed to eliminate Syria's... Continue Reading →

Wall Street Bosses Run America

Wall Street Bosses Run America by Stephen Lendman They're more powerful than standing armies. What they say goes. They decide policy. They rule the world. They do it by controlling money, credit and debt.  They manipulate markets for self-enrichment. Grand theft is official Wall Street policy. Government officials wink, nod, and permit the grandest of... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Lynne

Happy Birthday Lynne by Stephen Lendman God bless Lynne Stewart! Many thousands of global supporters stand with you. We do so uncompromisingly.  We do it because it matters. We do it because it's the right thing to do. We wish you happy birthday and many more. We hope for lots more outside prison walls.  We... Continue Reading →

Police in America: Licensed to Kill

Police in America: Licensed to Kill by Stephen Lendman Miriam Carey is the latest victim. She deserved to live, not die. More on her below.  Incidents occur daily across America. Blacks and Latinos are most vulnerable. Police shoot innocent suspects for any reason or none all.  Rarely are officers or their superiors held accountable. On... Continue Reading →

FBI Lawless Unaccountability

FBI Lawless Unaccountability by Stephen Lendman NSA and CIA aren't America's only rogue agencies. The FBI's been around since 1908. From 1924 - 1972, J. Edgar Hoover ran it. He did so extrajudicially. He did repressively. He waged war on freedom. He defended capital's divine right. He trashed democratic values. He targeted alleged communists, anti-war,... Continue Reading →

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