Obama’s New Climate Plan

Obama's New Climate Plan by Stephen Lendman It's typical Obama. It's largely old wine in new bottles. It's more duplicitous than real. Rhetoric belies policy. He does it every time. His credibility's sorely lacking. He's a serial liar. It remains to be seen what follows.  A White House web site posting headlined "CLIMATE CHANGE and... Continue Reading →

Quelle Surprise: NSA Spies on Europe

Quelle Surprise: NSA Spies on Europe by Stephen Lendman NSA spies globally. Enormous amounts of meta-data are collected. It's been ongoing for decades. Post-9/11, it intensified. It's out-of-control today. It's lawless. It's menacing. It persists. Spying domestically isn't for national security. Nor is monitoring allies. It's about control. It's for economic advantage. It's to be... Continue Reading →

Kerry’s Shuttle Diplomacy Excludes Peace in Our Time

Kerry's Shuttle Diplomacy Excludes Peace in Our Time by Stephen Lendman America and Israel deplore peace. Claims otherwise are pretense. On June 27, Kerry arrived in Jerusalem. It was his fifth regional trip since February. He'll return. He met straightaway with Netanyahu. They talk peace. They plan war. They abhor diplomatic conflict resolution. They don't... Continue Reading →

Whistleblower Russell Tice Tells More

Whistleblower Russell Tice Tells More by Stephen Lendman Edward Snowden hopes his revelations embolden others to come forward. Tice did years earlier. He's a former Office of Naval Intelligence/Defense Intelligence Agency/NSA analyst. His career spanned 20 years. In December 2005, he accused NSA and DIA of unconstitutionally wiretapping US citizens. He got national attention, saying:... Continue Reading →

Mass Protests Rock Egypt

Mass Protests Rock Egypt by Stephen Lendman Washington engineered Hosni Mubarak's ouster. He fell from grace. He opposed Obama's regional agenda. It cost him dearly. He became more liability than asset. Mohammed Morsi replaced him. He's Washington's man in Egypt. Hard line rule continues. Morsi's its public face. Egypt's anti-democratic tradition persists. Junta power rules.... Continue Reading →

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Wrongfully Indicted

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Wrongfully Indicted by Stephen Lendman On June 27, federal grand jurors indicted him on 30 counts. They did so disgracefully. Charges include: "use of a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and conspiracy;  bombing of a place of public use resulting in death and conspiracy;  malicious destruction of property resulting in death... Continue Reading →

America: Government by Terror, Torture and Tyranny

America: Government by Terror, Torture and Tyranny by Stephen Lendman America governs lawlessly. Out-of-control rogues run things. Conditions go from bad to worse. Tyranny threatens everyone. So does possible global war. Fear-mongering, saber rattling, hot wars, proxy ones, drone ones, geopolitical ones, financial ones, anti-populist ones, mass incarceration, censorship, lawless sanctions, subversion, sabotage, targeted assassinations,... Continue Reading →

Texas: America’s State-Sponsored Execution Capital

Texas: America's State-Sponsored Execution Capital by Stephen Lendman In 1972, the Supreme Court's Furman v. Georgia ruling banned capital punishment, saying: "(T)he imposition and carrying out of the death penalty constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments."  Doing so is "harsh, freakish, and arbitrary." It's constitutionally "unacceptable." Forty state... Continue Reading →

Senate Passes Racist Immigration Bill

Senate Passes Racist Immigration Bill by Stephen Lendman On June 27, S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (BSEOIMA) passed. House members address it next. On June 28, The New York Times headlined "Senate, 68 to 32, Passes Overhaul for Immigration," saying: Senators approved "the most significant overhaul of the nation’s immigration... Continue Reading →

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