Lawless NSA Global Spying

Lawless NSA Global Spying by Stephen Lendman NSA is one of 16 known US spy agencies. Perhaps others operate secretly. Black budgets conceal what's spent. Amounts are enormous. They're unconscionable.  Used responsibly, they'd relieve hunger, shelter the homeless, heal the sick, and educate young people hungry for knowledge. Out-of-control, unregulated, unmonitored practices operate lawlessly. Enormous... Continue Reading →

Syria and Iran: In America’s Crosshairs

Syria and Iran: In America's Crosshairs by Stephen Lendman Obama's on a fast track toward tyranny. He's heading for greater intervention against Syria. Ravaging the country entirely is planned. At issue is establishing another pro-Western vassal state. Mass killing and destruction don't matter. Imperial priorities come first. Longstanding plans pre-date 9/11. Former French Foreign Minister... Continue Reading →

Corporate America Loves Jason Furman

Corporate America Loves Jason Furman by Stephen Lendman Key Obama officials comprise a virtual rogues gallery of scoundrels. On June 10, he nominated Jason Furman to replace Alan Krueger. He'll serve as White House Council of Economic Advisors chairman. He was Clinton's Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy at the National Economic Council.... Continue Reading →

Hassan Rohani: Iran’s President-Elect

Hassan Rohani: Iran's President-Elect by Stephen Lendman It's official. Iran's Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar announced it. Rohani won 50.7% of 36.7 million votes cast. Six candidates competed. Principlist Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf finished second. He received one-third of Rohani's total.  Rohani won decisively. He'll serve four years. He's limited to two terms. He's head of state. On... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Falsely Says Iran Plans Another Holocaust

Netanyahu Falsely Says Iran Plans Another Holocaust by Stephen Lendman He said it before Iran's June 14 election. He hasn't changed his mind. More on that below. Netanyahu reflects Israeli fascism. He's hardline, unstable, unscrupulous and dangerous. He prioritizes conflict and instability.  He deplores peace and diplomacy. Big Lies substitute for truth. Repetition gets people... Continue Reading →

The Chemical Weapons Hoax

The Chemical Weapons Hoax by Stephen Lendman Greater US intervention in Syria looms. Manufactured threats facilitate doing so. Replacing Assad with puppet leadership is planned. Independent governments aren't tolerated. More on that below. Fact: Washington bears full responsibility for Middle East/North Africa/Central Asian wars. Resource control is prioritized. So is imperial dominance to Russian and... Continue Reading →

One-Sided Anti-Syrian Human Rights Council Resolution

One-Sided Anti-Syrian Human Rights Council Resolution by Stephen Lendman HRC mocks human rights, It systematically spurns them. It's a de facto US imperial tool. It defiles its own mandate. It does so lawlessly. It does it unapologetically. HRC was established to strengthen "the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing... Continue Reading →

Obama Ups the Stakes in Syria

Obama Ups the Stakes in Syria by Stephen Lendman Obama lied. He's a serial liar. He claims Syria used chemical weapons. His so-called red line was crossed. No verifiable evidence provides proof. Clear facts prove he lied. Syria's Foreign Ministry called Obama's accusations "a caravan of lies" and "fabrications." On May 5, Reuters headlined "UN... Continue Reading →

NSA Chief Lies to Congress

NSA Chief Lies to Congress by Stephen Lendman General Keith Alexander is NSA director. He's US Cyber Command head. He's in charge of lawlessly spying. He directs illegal hacking.  He does both globally. He's a serial lawbreaker. He violates fundamental constitutional law. He testified before Congress. More on that below. Edward Joseph Snowden revealed what... Continue Reading →

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