Italians Reject Austerity

Italians Rejects Austerity by Stephen Lendman It's high time voters somewhere did. It transfers wealth to bankers, other corporate favorites and rich elites.  It wrecks economies. It creates poverty, unemployment and human misery. It turns countries into dystopian backwaters. Italian voters said no more. They rejected Mario Monti extremism. He represents unelected technocrat government. They... Continue Reading →

Imperial America’s in Good Hands with Philip Gordon

Imperial America‚Äôs in Good Hands with Philip Gordon by Stephen Lendman He's an American diplomat. He's a foreign policy specialist. He's Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. His portfolio includes 50 countries.  He's moving on. More on that below. He serves US imperial interests. They include international security, NATO, coordinating with EU... Continue Reading →

Whitewashing Israeli Murder by Torture

Whitewashing Israeli Murder by Torture by Stephen Lendman Torture is official Israeli policy. It's longstanding. Palestinian suffering explains best. Thousands every year are subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment. Their physical and emotional scars bear witness. Accountability is long overdue. Arafat Jaradat is Israel's latest victim. Israel tortured him to death. His body bore clear... Continue Reading →

Eroding Free Expression in Israel

Eroding Free Expression in Israel by Stephen Lendman Israel targets anti-war dissent. Demonstrators are beaten and arrested. So are journalists and activists. Arabs are vulnerable. So are Jews. Military solutions are prioritized. Opposition is called endangering national security. Saying so bears no relation to reality. Israel claims might justifies right. Police states operate that way.... Continue Reading →

Austerity When Stimulus Is Needed

Austerity When Stimulus Is Needed by Stephen Lendman On December 31, 1933, The New York Times published John Maynard Keynes "Open Letter" to Franklin Roosevelt.  On November 25, 2008, the London Guardian republished an abridged text. It urged: "spend, spend, spend;" supply "cheap and abundant credit;"  stress "speed and quick" recovery; reform can come later;... Continue Reading →

Hawkish Senators Want War on Iran

Hawkish Senators Want War on Iran by Stephen Lendman Permanent war is official US policy. Bipartisan complicity supports it. Doing so violates international, constitutional and US statute laws.  America is a lawless rogue state. It's been so for decades. It's by far the world's worst. It wages war on humanity. It does it at home... Continue Reading →

Thaw in Israeli Immunity?

Thaw in Israeli Immunity? by Stephen Lendman Hope springs eternal. Palestinians waited so long. Don't expect too much too soon. Anything is better than nothing. Israel's rap sheet includes decades of crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Nuremberg justice is long overdue. It's essential. Maybe one day. Not now. Hopeful signs remain. Perhaps others... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Authorizes Lawless Wiretapping

Supreme Court Authorizes Lawless Wiretapping by Stephen Lendman America's Supremes are notoriously hard right. Equal justice under law is just a figure of speech. Rule of law principles and egalitarian fairness don't matter. Power politics corrupts the High Court. It lacks legitimacy. Five Supreme Court justices are Federalist Society (FS) members. They include Chief Justice... Continue Reading →

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