Foreign Terrorists Wage War on Syria

Foreign Terrorists Wage War on Syria  by Stephen Lendman Syrian authorities said so in 2011. Other reports acknowledged it then and now.  Syria is Washington's war. It was planned years ago. America wants pro-Western puppet leadership replacing Assad.  All independent governments are targeted for regime change. Imperial rogue states operate that way. Strategy used is... Continue Reading →

America’s Lackluster December Jobs Report

America's Lackluster December Jobs Report by Stephen Lendman Headlines belied its weakness. Economist John Williams reengineers economic data based on reliable decades earlier modeling. U-3 unemployment rose 0.1% to 7.8%. U-6 is broader. It's 14.4%. It includes: (1) Marginally attached workers wanting jobs but not actively looking in the past 30 days. They looked unsuccessfully... Continue Reading →

Bolivarianism in Venezuela

Bolivarianism in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman With or without Chavez, it's institutionalized. It greatly improved the lives of most Venezuelans. It's become part of the national culture. It won't wane and die. It reflects Simon Bolivar's vision. He defeated the Spanish, liberated half of South America, and advocated using national wealth responsibly, fairly and equitably.... Continue Reading →

PA Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

PA Recognizes Palestinian Statehood by Stephen Lendman Mahmoud Abbas is a longtime Israeli collaborator. It took him 24 years to acknowledge it. More on that below. Palestinian statehood existed since November 15, 1988. It was proclaimed in Algiers. The PLO adopted the Palestinian Declaration of Independence.  Previous articles explained. PLO legal advisor Francis Boyle drafted... Continue Reading →

Venezuela’s Future

Venezuela's Future by Stephen Lendman The New York Times debated it. Nine views were presented. Mark Weisbrot co-directs the Center for Economic and Policy Research. He's fair-minded and forthright. He was outnumbered eight to one. Times style debates avoid evenhanded exchanges. Debates are an ancient tradition. Genuine ones air views freely. Beliefs are challenged. Truths... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu: Unfit to Serve

Netanyahu: Unfit to Serve by Stephen Lendman It shouldn't surprise. He's a world class thug. He deplores democratic principles. He spurns peace. He menaces the region. He prioritizes racist persecution. He stresses neoliberal harshness. He's an embarrassment to legitimate governance. Polls suggest he'll remain prime minister after January 22 elections. Israelis have themselves to blame. ... Continue Reading →

Another NNC Lendman Interview

Another NNC Lendman Interview NNC's Iman Soleimani conducted this and earlier interviews. Each raised major world issues. NCC is one of Iran's largest media operations. It works collaboratively with major TV and News services. Questions and answers are below. Editing was done as needed. Final comments follow. NNC: Why will Obama appoint a new Secretary... Continue Reading →

Institutionalized Inequality in America

Institutionalized Inequality in America by Stephen Lendman Millions of Americans face lump of coal harshness this holiday season. It's no different throughout the year. Annually, things get worse.  Hard times reflect what growing numbers endure. Bipartisan complicity bears full responsibility. Political Washington institutionalized inequality. Class war rages. It began decades ago. Fiscal cliff duplicity reflects... Continue Reading →

Hardening Israeli Fascism

Hardening Israeli Fascism by Stephen Lendman Israel's war on Palestine and Israeli Arab citizens reflects it. So does extreme hardline governance. Pre-election polls show Netanyahu's Likud/Yisrael Beiteinu coalition favored to win. They'll partner with likeminded extremists. Most Israelis remain shockingly indifferent. Many are ideologically supportive. Haaretz sounded the alarm. On January 3, its editorial headlined... Continue Reading →

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