Big Week for Justice Department Vigilantes

Big Week for Justice Department Vigilantes by Stephen Lendman Call it three-bagger injustice. Three "bad guys" in one week include one wrongfully arrested, another forced to plead guilty though innocent, and a third convicted without having committed a crime. In America, criminal justice works that way more times than not. It's especially true when targeting... Continue Reading →

Green Party Populism

Green Party Populism by Stephen Lendman Imagine a political party wanting America governed progressively. Imagine its platform stressing social justice, human and civil rights, peace, disarmament, and other populist policies America's duopoly spurns. More on this below. On October 23, Russia Today ( and C-SPAN broadcast 90 minutes of debate by third party presidential candidates... Continue Reading →

Activists Challenge Israeli Lawlessness

Activists Challenge Israeli Lawlessness by Stephen Lendman For decades, Israel has literally gotten away with murder. Crimes of war and against humanity repeat regularly. Human and civil rights are spurned.  Anyone not experiencing it firsthand can't imagine the ruthlessness of occupation harshness. Besieged Gazans suffer most. For over five years, they've been lawlessly isolated and... Continue Reading →

Remembering Russell Means

Remembering Russell Means by Stephen Lendman Over a year ago, he knew he had inoperable esophageal cancer. It spread to his tongue, lymph nodes and lungs. It was just a matter of time. On October 22, it took him. His journey to the spirit world began.  In August 2011, he said: "I'm not going to... Continue Reading →

Ship to Gaza Activists Brutalized

Ship to Gaza Activists Brutalized    by Stephen Lendman On October 22, headlined "Release: Estelle crew beaten during (Israel's) attack. (Participants) were beaten during the attack and by interrogators." Former Canadian legislator "Jim Manly still in detention." More on this below. Israeli policy includes repeated crimes of war and against humanity. Occupied Palestinians suffer... Continue Reading →

Israel Wages War on Human Rights

Israel Wages War on Human Rights by Stephen Lendman Daily incidents reveal Israeli state terrorism writ large. Praying to the wrong God is called terrorism. So is wanting out from under Israel's repressive boot. Occupation harshness knows no limits. Torture is official policy. So are virtually all other crimes against humanity. Palestinian civilians suffer most.... Continue Reading →

Israeli Commandos Electro-Shock Ship to Gaza Activists

Israeli Commandos Electro-Torture Ship to Gaza Activists by Stephen Lendman On October 20, masked Israeli commandos lawlessly interdicted Ship to Gaza Estelle in international waters. It was over 30 nautical miles from Gaza's coast when intercepted. Netanyahu praised their criminality. He accused on board activists of trying to "delegitimize Israel." He also claimed "there is... Continue Reading →

Direct US/Iran Nuclear Talks

Direct US/Iran Nuclear Talks by Stephen Lendman To talk or not to talk. What's sensible is twisted to be complicated. Claiming an existential Iranian threat is red herring cover. At issue is long-planned regime change.  Washington's had no direct diplomatic relations with Iran since 1980. Instead of forthrightly explaining why, the State Department said America... Continue Reading →

Dubious Reports About Fidel Castro’s Health

Dubious Reports About Fidel Castro's Health by Stephen Lendman Responding in longer form to erroneous reports of his death, Mark Twain was quoted saying, "Reports of my death death were greatly exaggerated." The same holds for Fidel Castro. Earlier reports pronounced him dead or dying. Each one was false. Given their source, they were little... Continue Reading →

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