Syria Boils

Syria Boils by Stephen Lendman News from Syria is grim. Libya 2.0 looms. Fabricating a chemical weapons threat looks like pretext for full-scale war. On December 8, the Toronto Sun said Foreign Affairs officials urged Canadian citizens to leave Syria. Maybe they know something they're not explaining. On December 9, Israel National News said the... Continue Reading →

Abbas: Betrayal Pays Well

Abbas: Betrayal Pays Well by Stephen Lendman In 2003, Forbes magazine estimated Yasser Arafat's wealth at about $300 million. No verifying source was listed. Fatah was notoriously corrupt. It still is today.  Its finances are a black hole. Bribes, foreign aid, secret investments, hidden bank accounts, slush funds, and other ill-gotten gains define them. Israeli... Continue Reading →

The Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for December 14, 15, and 16, 2012, 2012 Friday, December 14 at 10AM US Central Times: James Petras Petras is Binghamton University, New York Professor Emeritus, a noted figure on the left, a distinguished Latin American expert, and longtime chronicler of the region's popular struggles. He's also a consummate... Continue Reading →

Preemptive Strike on Syria Looms

Preemptive Strike on Syria Looms by Stephen Lendman Washington planned war on Syria years ago. Only its timing and methodology remained to be decided.  US administrations want all independent governments replaced by pro-Western puppet regimes. War is the bottom line option when other methods fail. Washington's proxy war on Syria raged since winter 2011. Full-scale... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Mocks Legitimate Governance

Netanyahu Mocks Legitimate Governance by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu never met a non-Jew he considered equal, a peace plan he didn't spurn, a law he didn't violate, or truth he didn't turn on its head. He reveals Israel's true face. He's contemptuous of Palestinians, other Arabs, and Iranians. He considers them subhuman enemies. More on his... Continue Reading →

NATO Intervention in Syria Imminent

NATO Intervention in Syria Imminent by Stephen Lendman On December 7, Voice of Russia (VoR) headlined: "Iraq 2.0, another false-flag invasion rated XXX," saying: "The US and NATO are set to invade Syria, something many of us have been warning about for a while now. It has been obvious that they have been looking for... Continue Reading →

Hamas Commemorates 25th Anniversary

Hamas Commemorates 25th Anniversary by Stephen Lendman On Friday, Hamas Political Bureau Chairman Khaled Meshal arrived in Gaza. It was his first time in Palestine in decades.  At age 11, his family fled after Israel's Six Day War. In 1975, he returned briefly.  On arrival, he was joyously welcomed. Tight security accompanied him. He entered... Continue Reading →

Obama Plans African Wars

Obama Plans African Wars by Stephen Lendman Obama's warmaking appetite exceeds all his predecessors and then some. He's already waging multiple direct and proxy wars.  His rhetoric about winding them down rings hollow. He wants to make the most of the next four years.  No targeted country left behind reflects his agenda. He's ravaging the... Continue Reading →

Raising Money for Killers

Raising Money for Killers by Stephen Lendman Imagine holding a fundraiser for murder, destruction, and occupation viciousness.  On December 6, Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF) held their annual gala in Los Angeles. Guests annually include high-ranking Israeli military and government officials. Well-known Americans attend. The event raises millions of dollars annually for Israeli... Continue Reading →

Middle East on the Boil

Middle East on the Boil by Stephen Lendman Call it the curse of oil and gas. Countries with large and smaller reserves are affected. So are some with few or perhaps none. Living in a targeted neighborhood is challenging. Independent governments are most vulnerable. Reports suggest the worst ahead. Iran remains a longtime US/ Israeli... Continue Reading →

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