Grand Bargain Betrayal Coming

Grand Bargain Betrayal Coming by Stephen Lendman Obama's economic record includes nearly 25 million unemployed, around 23% of working age Americans without jobs, poverty, homelessness, and hunger at record levels or close to it, and the greatest wealth disparity in US history. Privileged elites benefitted enormously on his watch. They'll get plenty more ahead. Others... Continue Reading →

Obama/Netanyahu Post-Election Reset

Obama/Netanyahu Post-Election Reset By Stephen Lendman Neither leader says they're sorry. Netanyahu bet on the wrong candidate. Relations with Obama have been strained for months. Both clearly dislike each other and show it. Political necessity requires getting along. They'll find a way. Israeli elections are in January. Netanyahu's stuck with Obama for four years. His... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Post-Election Militancy

Obama‚Äôs Post-Election Militancy by Stephen Lendman Obama didn't miss a beat. He picked up where he left off. He's America's most belligerent leader. He's waging multiple direct and proxy wars abroad and at home by other means. Despite pressing unresolved domestic issues, he celebrated his electoral victory belligerently. On November 7, he bombed Yemen. Washington's... Continue Reading →

Bradley Manning Seeks Plea Deal

Bradley Manning Seeks Plea Deal by Stephen Lendman Plea bargains are sought or accepted for lesser sentences on charges faced. Innocent victims take them if offered. They know potentially what they face against hardball prosecutors wanting blood. If convicted on all or most serious charges, Manning faces potential life in prison. In America, innocence is... Continue Reading →

Greece: Profile of a Failed State

Greece: Profile of a Failed State by Stephen Lendman Greece exhibits failed and rogue state characteristics. It governs irresponsibly. It's beholden more to foreign interests than its own. Banker needs are prioritized. Ruling authority outside Greece dictates terms. The country's unable or refuses to provide public services. It threatens the welfare of its people. It... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Dr. Strangelove

Israel's Dr. Strangelove by Stephen Lendman Uniting Netanyahu and Lieberman is bad enough. Combined with Uzi Arad's influence makes it combustible. More on him below. Netanyahu and Lieberman represent the worst of rogue Israeli leadership. Both are out-of-control warmongers. They're also war criminals. They deserve prison, not high office.  They deplore peace. They spurn democratic... Continue Reading →

Haaretz on Obama’s Reelection

Haaretz on Obama's Reelection by Stephen Lendman Haaretz used most of its November 7 issue covering it. Doing so reflects the importance of America to Israeli interests. Netanyahu and Obama don't like each other. Nonetheless, the Israeli prime minister extended congratulatory best wishes, saying: "The strategic alliance between Israel the U.S. is stronger than ever.... Continue Reading →

New York Times Opposes Palestinian Self-Determination

New York Times Opposes Palestinian Self-Determination by Stephen Lendman Longstanding NYT articles, op-eds, and editorials are notoriously one-sided for Israel. Palestinian rights don't matter, only Jewish ones. Life in Occupied Palestine harshness goes largely unreported. Crimes of war and against humanity are ignored. An earlier If If Americans Knew report explained "highly disturbing patterns" of... Continue Reading →

Money Party Wins US Election

Money Party Wins US Election by Stephen Lendman The same party wins every time. Duopoly power rules. America is a one party state with two wings. Each replicates the other. On major issues mattering most, not a dime's worth of difference separates them. The late Gore Vidal explained it as well as anyone. Some of... Continue Reading →

Torturer Lawsuits: Some Good News

Torturer Lawsuits: Some Good News by Stephen Lendman A previous article titled Good News and Bad said when something good surfaces, reporting it should follow. There's so precious little around. Two lawsuits against private military contractors (PMCs) offer encouragement. Both were brought under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS). The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) filed... Continue Reading →

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