Sandy: Katrina Redux?

Sandy: Katrina Redux? by Stephen Lendman On August 29, 2005, New Orleans was woefully unprotected. It wasn't accidental. It was planned. In early 2001, FEMA predicted the three most likely US disasters. They included a terrorist attack on New York, a major San Francisco earthquake, and a hurricane and flood in New Orleans. Shaped like... Continue Reading →

Pro-Israeli Media Coverage

Pro-Israeli Media Coverage by Stephen Lendman Gaza rockets respond defensively to provocative Israeli bombing and shelling. Blame the victim articles and commentaries follow. It's standard Western media practice. Haaretz knows better.  More below on woeful coverage. Since Saturday, Israeli air strikes killed at least seven Palestinians, injured dozens more, and damaged or destroyed civilian property.... Continue Reading →

Syrian Opposition Unity Deal

Syrian Opposition Unity Deal by Stephen Lendman Last week, Doha hosted Washington's reinvented scheme to forge new Syrian opposition unity. Only pro-Western puppets need apply. So-called Friends of Syria are its enemies.  Most live outside the country. They haven't been there for months or years. They're out of touch. They have no connection to what... Continue Reading →

Israel Shells Syria and Gaza

Israel Shells Syria and Gaza by Stephen Lendman A previous article said beware of false flags. For months throughout the Syrian conflict, possible full-scale Western intervention loomed. It still does. Post-US elections, it's more likely, not certain, but reports suggest expect it. Several stray mortar shells from Syria struck occupied Golan. No injuries were reported.... Continue Reading →

Petraeus: Resignation or Sacking?

Petraeus: Resignation or Sacking? by Stephen Lendman Some observers call Washington a city of scandals. Lots of intrigue reflects daily life in the nation's capital. Elected and appointed officials come and go.  Most often it's uneventful. Other times once powerful figures fell from grace or scandals affecting them rose to the level of affixing a... Continue Reading →

Waging War Without Declaring It

Waging War Without Declaring It by Stephen Lendman America does it in proxy wars and some direct ones. Israel waged war on Palestine since 1948.  Daily violence against innocent civilians persists largely below the radar. So does occupation harshness. Media scoundrels turn a blind eye. In the week ending November 7 alone, Israel killed a... Continue Reading →

Grand Bargain Betrayal Coming

Grand Bargain Betrayal Coming by Stephen Lendman Obama's economic record includes nearly 25 million unemployed, around 23% of working age Americans without jobs, poverty, homelessness, and hunger at record levels or close to it, and the greatest wealth disparity in US history. Privileged elites benefitted enormously on his watch. They'll get plenty more ahead. Others... Continue Reading →

Obama/Netanyahu Post-Election Reset

Obama/Netanyahu Post-Election Reset By Stephen Lendman Neither leader says they're sorry. Netanyahu bet on the wrong candidate. Relations with Obama have been strained for months. Both clearly dislike each other and show it. Political necessity requires getting along. They'll find a way. Israeli elections are in January. Netanyahu's stuck with Obama for four years. His... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Post-Election Militancy

Obama’s Post-Election Militancy by Stephen Lendman Obama didn't miss a beat. He picked up where he left off. He's America's most belligerent leader. He's waging multiple direct and proxy wars abroad and at home by other means. Despite pressing unresolved domestic issues, he celebrated his electoral victory belligerently. On November 7, he bombed Yemen. Washington's... Continue Reading →

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