Hank Skinner: Unjustly Sentenced to Death

Hank Skinner: Unjustly Sentenced to Death - by Stephen Lendman On December 31, 1993, (New Year's eve) Skinner's live-in girlfriend Twila and her two adult sons were stabbed to death in Pampa, TX. On March 18, 1995, he was convicted and sentenced to death. On November 9, he'll be executed, despite convincing evidence he's innocent.... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton in Tripoli

Hillary Clinton in Tripoli - by Stephen Lendman Obama is an unindicted war criminal. So is Clinton. More on her staged photo-op theater below. On October 18, NATO deputy spokesperson Carmen Romero said: "We are very close to (ending the Libya operation), but there are still threats to the civilian population and as long as... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Imperial Arrogance

Obama's Imperial Arrogance - by Stephen Lendman Candidate Obama promised peace. As president, he double downed Bush and then some, waging multiple direct and proxy wars. The business of America is war. Washington has a permanent war policy. Republicans and Democrats perpetuate it. Obama's latest mission adds another to dozens of similar ones ongoing globally.... Continue Reading →

Major Media Liars Never Quit

Major Media Liars Never Quit - by Stephen Lendman Whenever major media Libya reports appear, truth is distorted, manipulated and falsified. For seven months, despite daily terror bombing and ground attacks, courageous loyalists bested the ferocity of NATO and its rebel army. As a result, they control most of Tripoli, Benghazi and other cities across... Continue Reading →

Economic Tremors

Economic Tremors - by Stephen Lendman Sovereign default threatens Greece. Progressive Radio News Hour contributor Bob Chapman warns when it goes, all troubled Eurozone countries will follow. Is it imminent? Likely not. More likely is winter or next spring. But given its troubled state, it's just a matter of time. Most disturbing, says Chapman, is... Continue Reading →

Life in East Jerusalem

Life in East Jerusalem - by Stephen Lendman Palestinians suffer grievously under occupation, including in East Jerusalem. Israel wants it entirely Judaized as its capital even though legally it's an international city under UN trusteeship. No matter. Palestinians face daily hardships and abuses, including its elected officials. In June 2010, three Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC)... Continue Reading →

America’s Multi-Headed Monster

America's Multi-Headed Monster - by Stephen Lendman It' combines and represents: money power in private hands to make more of it at the public's expense; super-wealth and privilege; one-party rule - corrupted money party duopoly power; and major media managed news, not real information and analysis. Angry street protesters nationwide must understand and focus on... Continue Reading →

Ongoing Israeli Human Rights Abuses

Ongoing Israeli Human Rights Abuses - by Stephen Lendman Throughout its history, Israel's been a serial human rights abuser. Count the ways. State-sponsored terror is official policy. So is collective punishment, apartheid, colonialism, premeditated war, torture, and filling prison cells illegally with Palestinians wanting to live free on their own land in their own country.... Continue Reading →

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