Declaring An Independent Palestinian State

Declaring An Independent Palestinian State - by Stephen LendmanOn April 2, New York Times writer Ethan Bronner headlined, "In Israel, Time for Peace Offer May Run Out," saying:The UN may vote to "welcom(e) the State of Palestine as a member whose territory includes all of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The Palestinian Authority... Continue Reading →

Republican Plan to End Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Republican Plan to End Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - by Stephen LendmanPublic rhetoric obscures important facts about these plans politicians won't discuss in their zeal to end them incrementally. Medicaid is welfare for low-income beneficiaries, jointly funded by the states and Washington, managed at the state level.Social Security and Medicare are insurance programs, funded... Continue Reading →

Military Commissions Will Try 9/11 Suspects

Military Commissions Will Try 9/11 Suspects - by Stephen LendmanOn April 4, New York Times writer Charlie Savage headlined, "In a Reversal, Military Trials for 9/11 Cases," saying:After months of indecision, the Obama administration "will prosecute Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (KSM) and four other (suspects) accused of plotting the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks before a military... Continue Reading →

Increasing Fukushima Radiation Dangers

Increasing Fukushima Radiation Dangers - by Stephen LendmanDaily reports on efforts to contain Fukushima's disaster remain worrisome. On April 5, New York Times writers Andrew Pollack and Kevin Drew headlined, "Plant Operator Measures Higher Radiation in Sea," saying:"(C)ompany officials said that seawater collected near the facility contained radiation several million times the legal limit." According... Continue Reading →

Remember Libya: One of History’s Terror Bombing Victims

Remember Libya: One of History's Terror Bombing Victims - by Stephen LendmanLike Cast Lead against Gaza, Odyssey Dawn is criminal imperial war, willfully attacking non-combatants and civilian targets, including vital infrastructure, hospitals, non-military airports and buildings, ports, power generating facilities, and other sites unrelated to military necessity. These and more besides so-called rebels killing hundreds... Continue Reading →

Richard Goldstone’s Fall from Grace

Richard Goldstone's Fall from Grace - by Stephen LendmanThe line from Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafor explains, saying: "Things are seldom as they seem. Skim milk masquerades as cream."Goldstone's shameless reversal exposes the true man, a Judas, not what most people believed. Why is at issue? More on that below.Two previous articles articles discussed his... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Terror War on Libya

Obama's Terror War on Libya - by Stephen LendmanSince WW II, America's gone to war as much to wage as win them because so many profiteers benefit. The prospect of peace, in fact, terrifies government, military officials, and corporate predators, so new enemies are invented when old ones are vanquished, are no longer of interest,... Continue Reading →

Lynne Stewart’s Appeal Brief

Lynne Stewart's Appeal Brief - by Stephen LendmanNumerous previous articles discussed her case, character, honor, and dedication to justice as the law demands, what it didn't afford her. Two of them covered her imprisonment and re-sentencing, accessed through the following links: brief timeline of her case was as follows:-- indicted on April 9, 2002;-- on... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Israel’s Terror War on Gaza

Revisiting Israel's Terror War on Gaza - by Stephen LendmanDespite no legitimate provocation, Israel began terror bombing Gaza on December 27, 2008. Invasion followed, attacking innocent civilian men, women and children for over three weeks, using missiles, bombs, shells, and illegal weapons against defenseless people. Mass slaughter and destruction ensued.Brazen crimes of war and against... Continue Reading →

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