Mixed Reactions to Obama’s Middle East Speech

Mixed Reactions to Obama's Middle East Speech - by Stephen LendmanPerhaps one way to view Obama's speech is saying you can please all the people some of the time, some of them all the time, but not all of them all the time. World reactions were indeed mixed, though policies, not posturing, are key.Obama's, in... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Middle East Hypocrisy

Obama's Middle East Hypocrisy - by Stephen LendmanSince taking office in January 2009, Obama broke every major campaign promise, including relevant ones to his May 19 Middle East speech; namely:-- "hope;"-- "change;"-- peace;-- democratic values;-- closing Guantanamo in one year;-- ending torture, illegal spying, and detention without trial; -- "a new era of openness;"-- willingness... Continue Reading →

On the Chopping Block: Federal Worker Pensions

On The Chopping Block: Federal Worker Pensions - by Stephen LendmanBipartisan support endorses ending vital social benefits incrementally, principally Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, healthcare for those who can't afford it, and public pensions.Notably, deep Medicare cuts were made. Much more is planned, including slashing Medicaid. Now federal pensions are being targeted. Civilian federal employees receive... Continue Reading →

America’s Student Loan Racket: Soaring Default Rates

America's Student Loan Racket: Soaring Default Rates - by Stephen LendmanAn earlier article discussed Permanent Debt Bondage from America's Student Loan Racket," accessed through the following link:http://sjlendman.blogspot.com/2011/01/permanent-debt-bondage-from-americas.htmlIt explained government/corporate complicity to rip off students for profit, a racket continuing under Obama. His July 2010 Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act perpetuated the scam. It enriches... Continue Reading →

Stealing Palestinian Land Dunam by Dunam

Stealing Palestinian Land Dunam by Dunam - by Stephen LendmanOne dunam is 1,000 square meters, four dunams to an acre. Israel is stealing them incrementally to control all valued Palestinian land, dispossessing indigenous people illegally in the process.B'Tselem is the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. In May, it published a... Continue Reading →

The International Criminal Court: An Imperial Tool

The International Criminal Court: An Imperial Tool - by Stephen LendmanEstablished by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on July 1, 2002, it's mandated to prosecute individuals for genocide and aggression, as well as crimes or war and against humanity.Much earlier, the UN Charter was created "to save succeeding generations from the scourge... Continue Reading →

Appalling Human Rights Record

America's Appalling Human Rights Record - by Stephen LendmanCoincidental with high-level US - China May 9 and 10 talks, the Atlantic magazine quoted Hillary Clinton calling China's human rights record "deplorable." She also suggested possible unrest erupting like in the Middle East, then added:"They're worried, and they are trying to stop history, which is a... Continue Reading →

Killing Rachel Corrie Twice

Killing Rachel Corrie Twice - by Stephen LendmanOn May 16, at 6:54AM Gaza time (3:54AM GMT), in international waters, an Israeli naval vessel attacked the Malaysian owned Spirit of Rachel Corrie ship (officially the MV Finch), carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. More details below.Lawless Monday followed Nakba Day's bloody Sunday, Israeli security forces assaulting unprecedented... Continue Reading →

Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for May 19, 21 and 22

The Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for 19, 21 and 22, 2011Thursday, May 19 at 10AM US Central time: Bruce LevineLevine is a clinical psychologist, lecturer, writer, and author of several books, including "Commonsense Rebellion" and his latest titled, "Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite."His new book... Continue Reading →

Israeli Violence Marks Nakba Day

Israeli Violence Marks Nakba Day - by Stephen LendmanFor Palestinians worldwide and millions supporting them, Nakba Day commemorates loss of their homeland, initially 78% in 1948, then the rest 19 years later in 1967.Speaking for many, Audeh Rantisi recounted the horror, saying:"I cannot forget three horror-filled days in July 1948," weeks after Israel's May 14... Continue Reading →

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