Libya’s Great Man-Made River

Libya's Great Man-Made River - by Stephen LendmanA previous article explained that America's led NATO war on Libya was long-planned. All military interventions require months of preparation, including:-- strategy and conflict objectives;-- enlisting coalition partners;-- selecting targets;-- promoting political and public support;-- deploying troops;-- in Libya, recruiting, funding, and arming so-called rebels; and -- post-conflict... Continue Reading →

Goldstone Commission Members Affirm Study Findings

Goldstone Commission Members Affirm Study Findings - by Stephen LendmanA previous article addressed chairman Richard Goldstone's fall from grace, accessed through the following link: discussed his shameless retraction of irrefutable evidence he and other commission members found - namely, that Israel willfully committed crimes of war and against humanity by attacking Gazan civilians and non-military... Continue Reading →

Police State Terror in Bahrain

Police State Terror in Bahrain - by Stephen LendmanLast summer sporadic protests began. By mid-February, major ones erupted. Demonstrators held firm against King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa's regime. Repression and several deaths were reported from live fire. Anti-government protesters occupied Manama's Pearl Roundabout, Bahrain's equivalent of Cairo's Tahrir Square. They demanded democratic elections, ending... Continue Reading →

Border and Community Vigilantism

Border and Community Vigilantism - by Stephen LendmanFounded by long-time human rights activist/former baseball executive Enrique Morones in 1986, Border tries to save lives by "stop(ping) unnecessary deaths of individuals traveling through the Imperial Valley desert (and mountain) areas....surrounding San Diego County, as well (locations) around the" US-Mexican border.Extreme heat and cold conditions take... Continue Reading →

Fukushima Elevated to Level 7

Fukushima Elevated to Level 7 - by Stephen LendmanFukushima's disaster will scar much, perhaps all of Japan for generations, including fetuses and newborns to be genetically harmed by radiation poisoning.Kyodo News announced the latest news headlining, "Japan ups Fukushima nuke crisis severity to 7, same as Chernobyl," saying:"The government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA)... Continue Reading →

Planned Libya Invasion

Planned Libyan Invasion - by Stephen LendmanIn his book, "Winning Modern Wars," General Wesley Clark said Pentagon sources told him two months after 9/11 that war plans were being prepared against Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. Months earlier, they were finalized against Afghanistan.Clark added:"And what about the real sources of terrorists -... Continue Reading →

Avigdor Lieberman to Be Indicted

Avigdor Lieberman to Be Indicted - by Stephen LendmanA previous article profiled him in-depth, accessed through the following link: explained he represents the worst of Israel's lunatic fringe, sort of a combination Dick Cheney/John McCain/Joe Lieberman, too extremist to be entrusted with power, but he's got it.Robert Fisk once said he "out-Sharons even Ariel Sharon.... Continue Reading →

Icelanders Vote on Predatory Bailout

Icelanders Vote on Predatory Bailout: Nyet - by Stephen LendmanIn his April 8 article headlined, "The Economic Crisis in Iceland: 'IMF Medicine' is not the Solution," Michael Hudson asked:"Will Iceland Vote 'No' on April 9, or commit financial suicide," their choice being:Reject debt bondage or "subject their economy to decades of poverty, bankruptcy and emigration... Continue Reading →

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