Social Inequality in Israel

Social Inequality in Israel - by Stephen LendmanAn earlier article explained neoliberalism's impact on Israeli Jews, beginning in the 1980s. In 1985, the Knesset amended the Bank of Israel Law, prohibiting it from printing money to finance industrialization, full employment, and immigrant absorption.It was part of a neoliberal takeover, embracing a massive power shift from... Continue Reading →

Chavez Given Enabling Law Power

Chavez Given Enabling Law Power - by Stephen LendmanOn December 17, parliament gave Chavez enabling law power in response to torrential rains and severe floods that ravaged Venezuelan communities, killed at least 35, destroyed over 5,000 homes, and displaced about 120,000 or more people in 11 of the country's 23 states. He asked for one... Continue Reading →

Lynne Stewart Transferred to Texas

Lynne Stewart Transferred to Texas - by Stephen LendmanSeven previous articles discussed her case and status, explaining the gross injustice against a heroic human rights lawyer who devoted her career to defending society's poor, unwanted, and unfairly persecuted - defendants deprived of due process without an advocate like her. She knew the risks, yet took... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Sham Democracy

Israel's Sham Democracy - by Stephen LendmanNumerous previous articles exposed it, highlighting policies affording rights solely to Jews, including a January 2010 Israeli Democracy or Hypocrisy one accessed through the following link: cited a same titled October 2007 Haaretz editorial, calling for "debate about Israel's control over the lives of Palestinians deprived of civil rights,"... Continue Reading →

Net Neutrality Threatened (Part II)

Net Neutrality Threatened (Part II) - by Stephen LendmanThree earlier articles addressed the issue, the most recent accessed through the following link: Neutrality is a defining issue of our time. It's essential to keep the Internet free and open, letting users access all content without restrictions, limitations, or discrimination, maintaining an online level playing field... Continue Reading →

Afghans: Victimized by Conflict, Occupation, Extreme Deprivation and Genocide

Afghans: Victimized by Conflict, Occupation, Extreme Deprivation and Genocide - by Stephen LendmanIn his book "Freedom Next Time," John Pilger used CIA Vietnam terminology calling Afghanistan "the grand illusion of the American cause," describing long-suffering Afghans victimized by conflict, violence, occupation, extreme deprivation and genocide.A December 15 ICRC press release expressed deep concern about how... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Jerusalem Master Plan 2020

Israel's Jerusalem Master Plan 2020 - by Stephen LendmanA November 10 Qatar News Agency article headlined, "Israel Plans to Rebuild Old Jerusalem - Palestinian Official," saying:Attorney Ahmed Al-Ruwaidi, "responsible for the Jerusalem unit in the Palestinian Authority (PA), said Israel plan(s) to build new settlement homes in old Jerusalem where the ancient walls of the... Continue Reading →

America’s Dirty Secret: AfPak War Not Winnable

America's Dirty Secret: AfPak War Not Winnable - by Stephen LendmanBefore dying, Richard Holbrooke admitted it, saying "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan." The Washington Post reinterpreted it, saying:"Holbrooke's death is the latest complication in an effort plagued by unreliable partners, reluctant allies and an increasingly skeptical American public."They're not alone. Include noted... Continue Reading →

The True Richard Holbrooke Legacy

The True Richard Holbrooke Legacy - by Stephen LendmanDead on December 13 at age 69 after two aorta tear surgeries failed to save him, Western media headlines hailed the man London Guardian writers Ed Pilkington and Adam Gabbat called a "giant of US foreign policy," saying his loss leaves "a substantial hole to fill."On December... Continue Reading →

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