Palestinian Authority Traitors Serving Israel

Palestinian Authority Traitors Serving Israel - by Stephen LendmanPalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' duplicitous treachery exposes him as an enemy, not ally, of his people. An earlier article on him quoted Jeffrey Blankfort calling him a "double agent (serving) his Israeli and US masters in plain sight." In June 2003, Edward Said called him "Israel's sheriff,"... Continue Reading →

Electoral Coup d’Etats

Electoral Coup d'Etats - by Stephen LendmanThey're commonplace in developing countries in different forms, at times through what Edward Herman calls "Demonstration Elections," the title of his 1980 book on sham ones in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Vietnam. They also occur regularly in countries like Egypt, where for the past 20 years president... Continue Reading →

Earthquake Stricken Haitians Victimized by World Indifference

Earthquake Stricken Haitians Victimized by World Indifference - by Stephen LendmanOver 10 months post-quake, Haitian suffering continues, victimized by world indifference, contempt, and paralysis, a new Refugees International (RI) report saying they're "Still Trapped in the Emergency Phase."Under appalling conditions, camp inhabitants face evictions, violence, arbitrarily appointed absentee camp managers, and lack of concern for... Continue Reading →

New Hearing Set for Sami Al-Arian

New Hearing Set for Sami Al-Arian - by Stephen LendmanEarlier articles explained his ordeal, a man Bush administration prosecutors hounded, persecuted, and imprisoned on bogus charges. Articles on him can be accessed through the following links: free on bail, Al-Arian remains politically imprisoned like many hundreds of others behind bars. Because of his faith, ethnicity,... Continue Reading →

The Cuban Five: Victims of US State Terrorism

The Cuban 5: Victims of US State Terrorism - by Stephen LendmanTwo web sites, among others, provide information on their case, accessed through the following links: September 1998, Miami FBI agents arrested Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzales, and Rene Gonzalez on spurious charges, including conspiracy to commit espionage. For days, however, no... Continue Reading →

The Israeli Knesset’s Anti-Democratic Agenda

The Israeli Knesset's Anti-Democratic Agenda - by Stephen LendmanAn earlier article discussed the Mossawa Center calling the current Knesset the most racist in history, accessed through the following link: reviewed 2008 and 2009 legislation violating Israeli Arab rights, Mossawa saying "almost every day" they're victimized by racist actions, and as a result, they face disruptive... Continue Reading →

Nobel Politics

Nobel Politics - by Stephen LendmanSince first awarded in 1901, Nobel Peace recognition went to 98 individuals and 23 organizations. Last year, another war criminal won, Barack Obama, one among many previous ones. A earlier article on the Nobel Committee's long and inglorious tradition may be accessed through the following link: always, politics, not merit,... Continue Reading →

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