The Flotilla Massacre: Historical Perspective, Aftermath and Implications

The Flotilla Massacre: Historical Perspective, Aftermath and Implications - by Stephen LendmanDuring the Mandate period and throughout its existence, Israel's history has been bloodstained, barbarous, and out-of-control - and for most of it generously funded and heavily armed with the latest weapons and technology by its Washington paymaster/partner to reign terror on the region and... Continue Reading →

South Korean Ship Sinking: Another False Flag?

South Korea's Ship Sinking: Another False Flag? - by Stephen LendmanThis writer's May 5 article included a history of noted previous ones, accessible through the following link: ones caused the Spanish-American War, WW II, the Vietnam War, and Iraq and Afghanistan wars post-9/11 (a glaring false flag). Besides constant Middle East tension, more now looms... Continue Reading →

Lost Youth Employment in Illinois

Lost Youth Employment in Illinois - by Stephen LendmanWhat affects Illinois plagues the nation, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting in January that:"The unemployment rate for young Americans has exploded to 52.2% - a post-World War II high, according to the Labor Dept - meaning millions of Americans are staring at the likelihood that their... Continue Reading →

Illinois: A State in Crisis

Illinois: A State in Crisis - by Stephen LendmanThis writer's earlier articles addressed greater social misery in America than since the Great Depression, because of unemployment, homelessness, hunger, bankruptcies, despair, and rising poverty levels. According to the National Academy of Science, 47.4 million Americans were impoverished in 2008, 15% of the population, but the true... Continue Reading →

Life in Occupied East Jerusalem

Life in Occupied East Jerusalem - by Stephen LendmanFounded in 1972, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is the country's leading human and civil rights organization through litigation, legal advocacy, education, and public outreach. In May 2009, it published "The State of Human Rights in East Jerusalem: Fact and Figures," then a follow-up... Continue Reading →

Israel’s New Initiative: Barbarism and Piracy at Sea

Israel's New Initiative: Barbarism and Piracy at Sea - by Stephen LendmanThis article follows from this writer's Monday one, accessed through the following link: May 31, under cover of darkness, Israeli commandos conducted a premeditated act of state terrorism against civilian aid activists trying to deliver thousands of tons of essential to life aid to... Continue Reading →

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