Child Homelessness in America

Child Homelessness in America - Stephen LendmanThe National Center on Family Homelessness (NCFH) studies and reports on the phenomenon, including its causes and consequences. On March 10, 2009, it launched a Campaign to End Child Homelessness, and on the same day released "America's Youngest Outcasts: State Report Card on Child Homelessness." It discovered one in... Continue Reading →

End the Gaza Siege

End the Gaza Siege - by Stephen LendmanMillions worldwide demand it. So does the Arab League, according to an Al Jazeera June 13 report quoting Amr Moussa, Arab League secretary-general, saying: "This blockade....must be lifted and must be broken and the Arab League decision is very clear in this regard."On June 13, Moussa commented after... Continue Reading →

OCHA’s Special Focus on Occupied Palestine

OCHA's Special Focus on Occupied Palestine - by Stephen LendmanOn June 9, McClatchy and other publications revealed some of what's rarely, if ever, acknowledged in the press - that Israel's blockade of Gaza is "economic warfare," not for security as most commonly reported, based on an Israeli document the Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of... Continue Reading →

Targeting Whistleblowers: Truth Telling Endangered

Targeting Whistleblowers: Truth Telling Endangered - by Stephen LendmanOn April 16, journalist John Cole wrote:"The message is clear - you torture people and then destroy the evidence, and you get off without so much as a sternly worded letter. If you are a whistle blower outlining criminal behavior by the government, you get prosecuted."In fact,... Continue Reading →

Torture and Research Experimentation: Official Policy under Bush and Obama

Torture Research and Experimentation: Official Policy under Bush and Obama - by Stephen LendmanNazi and imperial Japanese doctors performed horrific human experiments on unwilling subjects. At Auschwitz and other death camps, Josef Mengele, Carl Clauberg, Herta Oberheuser, Karl Brandt, Aribert Heim and others conducted ones involving freezing temperatures, toxic chemicals and gas, sterilizations, high altitudes,... Continue Reading →

Disaster in the Gulf

Disaster in the Gulf - by Stephen LendmanAs more information surfaces, a potentially biblical disaster is unfolding, threatening to make vast parts of the Gulf dead zones, animals and plant species so contaminated and unsafe that Gulf communities may face "the total end of fishing, according to Carl Safina, Blue Water Institute ocean biologist. "I... Continue Reading →

The Flotilla Massacre: Historical Perspective, Aftermath and Implications

The Flotilla Massacre: Historical Perspective, Aftermath and Implications - by Stephen LendmanDuring the Mandate period and throughout its existence, Israel's history has been bloodstained, barbarous, and out-of-control - and for most of it generously funded and heavily armed with the latest weapons and technology by its Washington paymaster/partner to reign terror on the region and... Continue Reading →

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