Excess Debt and Deflation = Depression

Excess Debt and Deflation = Depression - by Stephen LendmanIrving Fisher (1867 - 1947) was perhaps the most noted economist of his day. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics calls him "one of America's greatest mathematical economists and one of" its clearest writers. He earned special acclaim for his work on monetary and statistical theory, policy,... Continue Reading →

The Persecution of Syed Fahad Hashmi

The Persecution of Syed Fahad Hashmi - by Stephen LendmanIt's a familiar story. A Muslim American is accused of terrorism for supporting Al Queda and conspiracy to provide support for a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). The prosecution asks for the maximum sentence. Once again, an innocent man is arrested, charged, indicted and convicted with no... Continue Reading →

The Global Economic Crisis – Bad and Worsening

The Global Economic Crisis: Bad and Worsening - by Stephen LendmanIn a new article, economics professor Richard Wolff explains the current crisis in Marxian terms. It "emerged from the workings of the capitalist class structure. Capitalism's history displays repeated boom-bust cycles punctuated by bubbles. They range unpredictably from local, shallow and short to global, deep... Continue Reading →

Obama’s War Cabinet

Obama's War Cabinet - by Stephen LendmanDecember 1 brought more disappointment but no surprises. Obama's national security appointees (like all his earlier ones) aren't "change to believe in" or what people expected for their votes. They're recycled establishment figures. Their agenda is business as usual, and they'll continue the same failed Bush administration policies at... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Economic Dream Team?

Obama's Economic "Dream Team"? - by Stephen LendmanDream on if you believe it, and something must be up if Karl Rove says it. In a November 28 Wall Street Journal op-ed, he called it "a first-rate economic team" while at the same time objecting to possible (not yet announced) stimulus package elements not entirely to... Continue Reading →

Media Response to Venezuelan Elections

The Media Response to Venezuelan Elections - by Stephen LendmanOn November 23, Venezuela held regional and local elections for governors, mayors and other municipal offices. Over 5000 candidates contested in 603 races for 22 state governors, 328 mayors, 233 state legislative council members, 13 Caracas Metropolitan area council members, and seven others for the Alto... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine

Israel's Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine - by Stephen LendmanImagine life under these conditions:Living in limbo under a foreign occupier. Having no self-determination, no right of return, and no power over your daily life. Being in constant fear, economically strangled, and collectively punished. Having your free movement denied by enclosed population centers, closed borders, regular... Continue Reading →

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