WaPo Cheerleads New Illegal US Sanctions on Iran and Russia

WaPo Cheerleads New Illegal US Sanctions on Iran and Russia by Stephen Lendman Last week, by a vote of 98 - 2, US Senate members passed tough new sanctions on Iran and Russia - House members certain to vote overwhelmingly for them by a veto-proof margin. Whether Trump intends supporting them remains to be seen.... Continue Reading →

Killer Cops in America

Killer Cops in America by Stephen Lendman Getting away with murder in America is simple. Become a cop. Wear a badge. Carry a gun. Repeatedly nationwide, in large and small cities, urban and rural communities, killer cops routinely get away with murder. Rare exceptions prove the rule. Inner city minority communities are virtual war zones.... Continue Reading →

Uninvited US Special Forces in the Philippines

Uninvited US Special Forces in the Philippines by Stephen Lendman Washington claiming they’re aiding the Philippine military combat ISIS in the southern city of Marawi belies US support for the terror group - its fighters serving its imperial interests. What’s going on? Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said his government requested no US military aid. He... Continue Reading →

Putin’s Annual Marathon Press Conference

Putin’s Annual Marathon Press Conference by Stephen Lendman Annually he spends hours answering questions submitted in advance, by categories from millions submitted worldwide, focusing on vital issues - a candidly forthright tour de force unmatched by any Western leaders, notably no US one. Commenting on Russia’s economy, Putin was upbeat, saying recession ended, growth resumed,... Continue Reading →

Gun Violence in Virginia

Gun Violence in Virginia by Stephen Lendman The message of Wednesday’s gun violence in Alexandria, VA goes way beyond the shooting and wounding of a congressman and others. The greater issue is America’s longstanding culture of violence, a nation with the world’s highest level of gun ownership - including deadly, high-capacity, military-style semi-automatic weapons readily... Continue Reading →

Civilians Harmed Most in US War Theaters

Civilians Harmed Most in US War Theaters by Stephen Lendman Massacring civilians in US war theaters, deceptively called “collateral damage,” is perhaps the last refuge of ruthless imperial warmaking. Civilians are harmed most in all wars, notably America’s - millions of lives lost post-9/11 alone, high crimes ignored in the mainstream. Sociologist Emile Durkheim once... Continue Reading →

Expanded Anti-Trump Witch-Hunt

Expanded Anti-Trump Witch-Hunt by Stephen Lendman Sacked former FBI director Comey said he (unethically and maybe illegally) leaked information about his private conversations with Trump so a special prosecutor would be appointed to investigate possible ties between his team and Russia - besides what Congress does separately. Special counsel (former FBI director) Robert Mueller expanded... Continue Reading →

America’s Forever War Strategy

America’s Forever War Strategy by Stephen Lendman America is unique among history’s warrior states - prioritizing endless wars, not ending them to achieve a new era of peace and stability. The notion is anathema to the nation’s military, industrial, and scoundrel media establishment. Wars are waged for power and profits, no other reasons. All post-WW... Continue Reading →

The Russian US Election Big Lie Just Got Bigger

The Russian US Election Hacking Big Lie Got Bigger by Stephen Lendman According to Bloomberg News, “Russian Cyber Hacks on (the) US electoral system (are) far greater than previously known.” A Big Lie - utter rubbish! The CIA, and likely NSA and FBI, can cyberattack targets anywhere, making it appear to have originated elsewhere -... Continue Reading →

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