Preview of Comey’s Senate Testimony

Preview of Comey’s Senate Testimony by Stephen Lendman Comey’s prepared remarks were published ahead of his Thursday testimony before Senate Intelligence Committee members.  Nothing he’ll say suggests Trump obstructed justice or acted improperly. It’s unlikely anything damning will come out during a Q & A session. During his meeting with Trump in New York at... Continue Reading →

Trump Announces New FBI Director

Trump Announces New FBI Director by Stephen Lendman He nominated Christopher Wray to replace James Comey, a position needing Senate confirmation. He’s a former assistant attorney general in charge of the Criminal Division under Bush/Cheney from 2003 - 2005.  In May 2001, he served as deputy attorney general Larry Thompson’s aide, later promoted to his... Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders Cashes In Big

Bernie Sanders Cashes In Big by Stephen Lendman He’s more con man/capitalist pig than socialist, parlaying his high profile gained from last year’s presidential campaign for self-enrichment. Judge him accordingly. His actions drown out his phony rhetoric. They’re the true measure of the man, along with decades of supporting undemocratic Democrat party politics, pretending to... Continue Reading →

Tyranny in Britain

Tyranny in Britain by Stephen Lendman In 2015 as home secretary, Theresa May introduced draconian investigatory powers legislation, authorizing enhanced surveillance - on the phony pretext of combating terrorism ruling Tories support. Sacrificing fundamental freedoms for greater security assures losing both, May at it again as prime minister - ahead of June 8 snap elections. ... Continue Reading →

Us Aggression Against Syrian Forces

US Aggression Against Syrian Forces by Stephen Lendman For the third time since its April 7 attack on Syria’s Shayrat airbase, US-led coalition warplanes preemptively and aggressively struck pro-government forces. Tuesday’s incident occurred within what CENTCOM called a “deconfliction” zone. At least two soldiers were killed, more than 15 others injured.  Following the May 18... Continue Reading →

South Korean President Suspends Installation of US THAAD Missiles

South Korean President Suspends Installation of US THAAD Missiles by Stephen Lendman Two missile systems are installed, four others suspended. More on this below. So-called Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-ballistic missile systems are designed to intercept and down short, medium and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase.  Instead of warheads, they rely... Continue Reading →

Terror Attacks in Tehran

Terror Attacks in Tehran by Stephen Lendman On Wednesday, assailants attacked Iran’s parliament and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini mausoleum - a developing story, more details to come as confirmed. Iranian media reported at least 12 deaths, dozens wounded, assailants armed with Kalashnikovs and handguns. A suicide bomber blew himself up on the parliament’s fourth floor. So... Continue Reading →

50 Years of Israeli Occupation Harshness

50 Years of Israeli Occupation Harshness by Stephen Lendman Israel’s Six Day War of aggression began on June 5, 1967 - occupying the remaining 22% of historic Palestine not seized in 1948. Instead of denouncing Israeli persecution of Palestinians throughout its odious history, the US Senate shamed itself - unanimously recognizing the 50th anniversary of... Continue Reading →

Wrongheaded NYT Commentary on Trump

Wrongheaded NYT Commentary on Trump by Stephen Lendman Instead of criticizing him for the right reasons, The Times invents things, failing to do its job, gratuitous bashing its specialty against America’s enemies and Trump. It maintains the myth of US democracy, a June 6 commentary ludicrously saying “Democrats and Republicans have generally accepted the rule... Continue Reading →

Saddam’s Iraq Was Paradise Compared to Now

Saddam’s Iraq Was Paradise Compared to Now Stephen Lendman Make no mistake. Saddam Hussain was no democrat, far from it. He ruled despotically.  Yet all Iraqis under his rule got free universal healthcare and education to the highest levels. Three years after his ascension to power, Iraq was awarded the UNESCO prize for eradicating illiteracy.... Continue Reading →

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