No Planned Roll Back of US Sanctions on Russia

No Planned Roll Back of US Sanctions on Russia by Stephen Lendman What a difference an election makes. Private citizen/later candidate Trump expressed respect for Vladimir Putin, suggesting they could become good friends. Weeks after throwing his hat in the ring, he said “I think I’d get along very well with” him. “I just think... Continue Reading →

Theresa May’s Electoral Strategy – Fear-Mongering

Theresa May’s Electoral Strategy - Fear-Mongering by Stephen Lendman The only terrorist threats Brits, other Europeans and Americans need fear is from their own governments, no others. In the wake of the May 22 Manchester blast, Britain’s home secretary Amber Rudd warned about members of an alleged terrorist network still at large - despite no... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Infrastructure Privatization Scheme

Trump’s Infrastructure Privatization Scheme by Stephen Lendman Straightaway in office, Trump proved he’s an imperial/predatory corporatist tool - his rhetorical populism pretense, not real, his agenda hugely harming ordinary people at home and abroad. Days after his election, Ellen Brown exposed his phony promised economic change, saying “his infrastructure plan appears to be just more... Continue Reading →

Libya: A US-Created Terrorist Haven

Libya: A US-Created Terrorist Haven by Stephen Lendman US-led NATO aggression on Libya raped and destroyed its sovereign independence - one of history’s great crimes. Africa’s developed nation was transformed into a cauldron of failed state, terrorist-infested violence, chaos, deep poverty, mass unemployment, and devastating human misery. Libya was Obama’s war, launched in 2011, orchestrated... Continue Reading →

Syria Calls on UN to Halt US-Led Terror-Bombing

Syria Calls on UN to Halt US-Led Terror-Bombing by Stephen Lendman Since September 2014, US-led coalition warplanes have been terror-bombing Syrian infrastructure, government sites, and at least twice striking its military - on the phony pretext of combating ISIS. Thousands of civilians in harm’s way were massacred, more killed virtually daily, media scoundrels ignoring the... Continue Reading →

Alleged Secret Trump Team-Sought Communication Channel with Russia

Alleged Secret Trump Team-Sought Communication Channel with Russia by Stephen Lendman Media reports about Trump’s son-in-law/senior advisor Jared Kushner allegedly discussing a secret communication channel between his transition team and Moscow through ambassador Sergey Kislyak deserves praise, not criticism if true. According to the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other... Continue Reading →

G7 Leaders Declare Escalated Phony War on Terror

G7 Leaders Declare Escalated Phony War on Terror by Stephen Lendman G7 countries America, Britain, Canada, France, and Germany (Italy and Japan junior partners) are responsible for global state terrorism, featuring endless imperial wars, aided by NATO, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other rogue states. From Taormina, Italy on May 26, G7 leaders issued a... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Political Prisoners Suspend Hunger Strike

Palestinian Political Prisoners Suspend Hunger Strike by Stephen Lendman On Saturday, after 40 grueling days and nights, exacerbated by brutal Israeli treatment, hundreds of Palestinian political prisoners suspended their Freedom and Dignity hunger strike - after reaching partial agreement on their demands. Israel claims no direct talks were held, none with strike leader/Palestinian national hero... Continue Reading →

Manchester Blast: Likely State-Sponsored Terrorism

Manchester Blast: Likely State-Sponsored Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Evidence known so far strongly indicates state-sponsored responsibility for the May 22 Manchester blast.  ISIS claiming responsibility is baloney. Like al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, it’s supported by America, Britain, other NATO nations, Israel and other regional rogue states. Why would it bite one of the hands... Continue Reading →

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