North Korea Acts of Self-Defense

North Korea Acts of Self-Defense by Stephen Lendman When America or Israel test nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, the international community and Western media silence is deafening. These countries and their rogue allies constitute the greatest threat to world peace - yet are unthreatened by anyone.  Claims otherwise represent fear-mongering to justify the... Continue Reading →

Trump in Israel

Trump in Israel by Stephen Lendman He arrived at midday, there to pay homage to Zionist extremism. America and Israel partner in regional state terrorism, their axis constituting the greatest threat to world peace. Israel is in lockdown, thousands of police and other security forces deployed, main roads blocked, activities for Israelis and Palestinians disrupted.... Continue Reading →

America: Serial Aggressor, Sponsor of Global Terrorism

America: Serial Aggressor, Sponsor of Global Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Trump’s Sunday Muslim world address in Riyadh, portraying America as a force to stamp out terrorist extremism belies its diabolical imperial agenda, supporting this scourge, aiming for unchallenged global dominance no matter the human cost. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi blasted Washington, saying “under... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Muslim World Address

Trump’s Muslim World Address by Stephen Lendman In Saudi Arabia Sunday night, Trump addressed the Muslim world - after sealing a $110 billion arms deal, signing a memorandum of intent to supply Riyadh with weapons worth around $350 billion over the next decade. He exuded deplorable gratitude to his despotic host, falsely claiming he chose... Continue Reading →

Deep State Leaks Aim to Undermine Trump

Deep State Leaks Aim to Undermine Trump by Stephen Lendman Disclosing national security or other classified information is a federal offense, punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. Deep state leaks to media aim to influence government policies. They sought to undermine Richard Nixon, forcing his resignation to avoid impeachment and removal from office. He... Continue Reading →

Trump Feted by Rogue Saudi Regime

Trump Feted by Rogue Saudi Regime by Stephen Lendman It’s despotically ruled, viciously repressive, super-rich from vast oil reserves, used for pure evil, partnered with America’s imperial agenda, waging terror-war on Syria, Yemen and its own people. Its appalling human rights record doesn’t deter close ties with America, Britain and other EU countries - allied... Continue Reading →

Long Sought US Regime Change in Venezuela

Long Sought US Regime Change in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman Venezuela’s sovereign independence, Bolivarian fairness, and world’s largest oil reserves make it a prime US target for regime change - wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing democratic governance. In mid-February, before taking office as secretary of state, Rex Tillerson said “(i)f confirmed, I would urge close... Continue Reading →

Phony US Plan to Smash ISIS

Phony US Plan to Smash ISIS by Stephen Lendman Washington intends escalated Middle East aggression on the phony pretext of annihilating ISIS, supporting the scourge it claims to oppose, including al-Nusra and likeminded terrorist groups. On Friday, Defense Secretary Mattis’ announced “accelerated operation” to defeat ISIS was willful deception, saying: Trump “delegated authority to the... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Israel Visit: Bad News for Palestinians

Trump’s Israel Visit: Bad News for Palestinians by Stephen Lendman He’s scheduled to arrive at Ben-Gurion airport around midday Monday - from there to Netanyahu’s Jerusalem residence. He’ll meet with Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem during his stay. His agenda is entirely one-sided, serving Israeli interests, scorning Palestinian rights, the way it’s always been by America... Continue Reading →

Iranian President Rouhani’s Landslide Reelection

Iranian President Rouhani’s Landslide Reelection by Stephen Lendman On Friday, Hassan Rouhani triumphed overwhelmingly with a 57.1% majority over his main challenger, Ebrahim Raeisi getting 38.3%.  A total of 41.2 million votes were cast. Two other aspirants got around 700,000 votes between them. It was a two-candidate race, four competing, two others withdrew ahead of... Continue Reading →

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