Revving Up War on Trump

Revving Up War on Trump by Stephen Lendman Instead of criticizing him for the right reasons, media scoundrels bash him for the wrong ones. Dark forces in Washington want him weakened, delegitimized, ousted, and replaced by neocon Pence, an easily controlled establishment figure, their sinister agenda in good hands with him as president. Acting as... Continue Reading →

North Korea’s Concern for Self-Defense

North Korea’s Concern for Self-Defense by Stephen Lendman North Korea’s geopolitical policies and America’s are world’s apart. Pyongyang never attacked another country, threatens none now. America wages permanent wars, raping and destroying one nation after another, threatening all sovereign independent countries with regime change.  Its agenda is humanity’s greatest threat. The DPRK has just cause... Continue Reading →

Macron Sworn in as French President

Macron Sworn in as French President by Stephen Lendman Far from a popular choice, his election was dubious, possibly rigged, discussed in a previous article - assuring continuity, not badly needed constructive change. Falsely called fascist and other pejoratives, Western media savaged Le Pen. Her agenda explains why, wanting French sovereignty restored, ending control by... Continue Reading →

The Charade of Trump Backing Palestinian Self-Determination

The Charade of Trump Backing Palestinian Self-Determination by Stephen Lendman For the past century, from UK Foreign Secretary Balfour saying “(h)is majesty’s government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people” to Trump, Palestinian rights never mattered. They conflict with Anglo-Zionist interests. The White House saying the president... Continue Reading →

Cholera Hits Yemen

Cholera Hits Yemen by Stephen Lendman During conflict-free times, Yemenis are the region’s poorest people, struggling daily to get by. Since Bush/Cheney launched drone war on the country, continued by Obama and Trump, hugely exacerbated by US/Saudi terror war and blockade, a humanitarian catastrophe unequaled anywhere else exists, potentially millions of Yemenis at risk of... Continue Reading →

Massive Global Malware Attack

Massive Global Malware Attack by Stephen Lendman Financial war and cyberwar can be more destructive than standing armies, able to cause enormous harm to many millions worldwide, severely damaging and halting government, commercial, and personal online activities. A statement by US Rep. Ted Lieu (D. CA), House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees member, said the... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: US-Installed Fascist Rule in Europe’s Heartland

Ukraine: US-Installed Fascist Rule in Europe’s Heartland by Stephen Lendman The Obama administration bears full responsibility for replacing democracy in Ukraine with illegitimate Nazi-infested fascist rule. The nation shares a near-1,500 mile land and sea border with Russia. Stop NATO’s Rick Rozoff earlier explained Ukraine is “the decisive linchpin in plans by the US and... Continue Reading →

NYT Op-Ed Opposes De-Escalation in Syria

NYT Op-Ed Opposes De-Escalation in Syria by Stephen Lendman The Times and its contributors support imperial lawlessness - endless wars for transforming all sovereign independent states into US vassal ones, no matter the human cost. A May 12 Times op-ed headlined “Trump Should Be Wary of Putin’s Syria Plan,” saying: He’s not “leading…(He’s) following in... Continue Reading →

Macron: Neoliberal Reactionary, Dangerous Psychopath

Macron: Neoliberal Reactionary, Dangerous Psychopath by Stephen Lendman Viva la dirty business as usual with him as president. A former Rothschild banker, economy minister, French communists say he embodies bourgeoisie reactionary values, supports imperial rampaging, rising to the presidency from “formidable mobiliz(ed) propaganda and communication (employed by) monopoly capital.” Open, free and fair elections are... Continue Reading →

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