US Undermining Conflict Resolution in Syria

US Undermining Conflict Resolution in Syria by Stephen Lendman Neocons infesting Washington represent the greatest threat to world peace. They want endless wars waged, all independent governments toppled, US-controlled puppet regimes replacing them, enemies invented to assure aggression without end - feeding America’s ravenous war machine. Russia has no partner in Washington politically, economically or... Continue Reading →

Revving Up Lost Afghan War Coming?

Revving Up Lost Afghan War Coming? by Stephen Lendman America’s longest war was lost years ago, privately acknowledged, yet US combat operations continue, escalation likely coming. According to Bloomberg, Trump’s military and national security advisors recommend deploying an additional 50,000 troops, “according to a classified US intelligence community assessment.” It’s partly about propping up Kabul’s... Continue Reading →

Disastrous Marketplace Medicine

Disastrous Marketplace Medicine by Stephen Lendman Commodifying healthcare is a rationing scheme, the deplorable way America’s system works, the world’s most expensive by far - affording anything patients want based on the ability to pay, not human need, testimony to an I don’t care nation. Writing in the Chicago Sun Times, Phil Kadner asked “(w)ill... Continue Reading →

Banana Republic Antics in Washington

Banana Republic Antics in Washington by Stephen Lendman What’s going on is shocking and appalling - how banana republics operate. The term refers to politically unstable and repressive countries where a privileged few have a disproportionate share of wealth and power, where ordinary people are exploited, many persecuted, where a police state apparatus enforces control,... Continue Reading →

NYT Praise for Witch-Hunt Investigations

NYT Praise for Witch-Hunt Investigations by Stephen Lendman Anti-Trump dark forces in Washington want him denigrated, weakened and ousted from office, puppet leadership they control replacing him. That’s what the hysterical climate is all about, inventing stuff to render him too damaged to continue as president - an unrelenting, media supported, onslaught greater than anyone... Continue Reading →

Putin Accused of Bribing Trump

Putin Accused of Bribing Trump by Stephen Lendman You have to be delusional to believe it, neocon Senate Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R. CA) making the baseless accusation, saying: “There’s two people I think Putin pays: (Rep. Dana) Rohrabacher and Trump,” according to a June 15, 2016 recorded discussion with other Republicans, including Speaker Paul... Continue Reading →

Erdogan in Washington

Erdogan in Washington by Stephen Lendman A thuggish security entourage accompanies his foreign trips, clashing with critics when demonstrations are held. In April 2016 at Brookings, deplorably invited to speak, they made Washington resemble Ankara, clashing with peaceful demonstrators, protesting his crackdown on press freedom, other human rights abuses, war on Turkish Kurds and support... Continue Reading →

US Political Schizophrenia

US Political Schizophrenia by Stephen Lendman The Mayo Clinic calls the disease “a severe mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally, (including) some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.” It’s “a chronic condition, requiring lifelong treatment.” Symptoms include beliefs not based on... Continue Reading →

US Wants Syria Balkanized and Destroyed

US Wants Syria Balkanized and Destroyed by Stephen Lendman Russian and US objectives are world’s apart in Syria. Moscow hopes de-escalation zones can be an important step toward conflict resolution, wanting them instituted nationwide, a major turning point if achieved. Neocon policymakers in Washington want endless conflict, regime change, and Syrian sovereignty destroyed, balkanizing the... Continue Reading →

Chelsea Manning: Free at Last

Chelsea Manning: Free at Last by Stephen Lendman Her long ordeal bears testimony to state-sponsored viciousness, deep emotional scars certain to remain longterm. It’s official. She’s free following seven horrific years of brutal political imprisonment - for doing the right thing. Arrested in April 2010, she was viciously treated, held in brutalizing pre-trial confinement for... Continue Reading →

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